What to do and what to see in Hornillos del Camino • Immerse yourself in the medieval history told here

Hornillos del Camino is a municipality located in the north of Spain, in the town of Odra-Pisuerga, in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, province of Burgos.  This small and charming village that is part of the favorite stops of pilgrims going to Santiago, by the Aragonese route, has only 61 inhabitants, according to the 2010 census, of which is surprising the number of religious, ie priests and nuns.

History tells us that in this place during the ninth century, there was a defensive line of fortress towers that protected the ancient Castile. It is also known that in its early days this town had a significant number of ovens to bake tiles and therefore was known as “Forniellos”.

During this medieval period, three hospitals were created here to care for pilgrims. Two of these places bore the name of Saint Lazarus, destined for lepers and pilgrims, and Holy Spirit, created for pilgrims and pilgrims. To this day the Holy Spirit, located at the entrance to the center, has been maintained. Today this enclosure has a separate area as a meeting place for modern pilgrimage.

Below we will provide you with some important information that you should know before embarking on your trip to Hornillos del Camino. You will be surprised at the small wonders you can enjoy in this town, full of the peace that emanates from the Way to Santiago.


What to see and do in Hornillos del Camino?

Founded during the early ninth century medieval, in order to establish defensive lines to prevent the advance of Muslims, Hornillos del Camino has magnificent traces of its history between its streets.

Among the places you can not miss during your stay in this town are the archaeological site of the ancient Roman settlement that was established in this area and the parish church of Santa Maria de Hornillos del Camino, which began to be built during the fourteenth century and was planned under the architectural schemes of the ancient Gothic style.

You must also visit the hermitage for the rest of pilgrims, which is located in the old medieval hospital Holy Spirit.

One of the best dates to visit Hornillos del Camino is during the traditional Fiestas del Gallo which take place during the last weekend in July. These festivities commemorate the Spanish War of Independence.

Another special feast is the one celebrated in honor of San Román, which is commemorated on November 18. This day is necessary to visit the famous and spectacular Church of San Román, one of the most imposing attractions in the area.

Where to eat?

Within this small town you will find several places to taste a delicious dish. Next we will mention you the best qualified by the visitors.

Neson Restaurant

Catalogued as a special site with a really nice atmosphere, here you can eat spending only 9.50 euros. They serve healthy homemade food made with natural products.

Manolo House

In this site you will find an excellent treatment, you will feel great kindness and education in each one of its employees. It offers bar service, coffee and the menu is abundant and economical.

La Casa Del Abuelo Rural House

In this restaurant you will be able to eat delicious dishes of the traditional food paying from 9 to 20 € per person. It is located in a beautiful stone house on its façade.

Where can I sleep?

In Hornillos del Caminos you will find two magnificent offers to rest:

Grandpa’s House

This place has 5 spacious and well-lit bedrooms with bathroom. In total here you will find 14 beds where they can be sheltered from 2 to 14 people. You will have to pay 21 € per night. You can also enjoy a beautiful common patio with furniture and a barbecue. The living room has a fireplace and the kitchen has all the necessary equipment for you to prepare your food.

From Sun to Sun

Here you can stay from 2 to 20 people in 7 bedrooms. The price per person per night is 20 €, which is well worth enjoying the well-being of the place. Each room has its own bathroom and television and is fully equipped. One of the rooms is equipped for the disabled. In addition, they offer a large kitchen, 2 reading rooms, a dining room, fireplace and garden.

How to get to Hornillos del Camino?

To get to Hornillos del Camino you can take any type of land vehicle, as from various places you can approach by train, bus, taxi and private car. One of the most recommended routes is taking the A-231 from the capital city to the West to the centre of Villanueva de Argaño. There it is necessary to turn off towards the BU-406.

The distance is 25 kilometres from Burgos and you should know that Hornillos del Camino is 461 km from Santiago de Compostela.

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