Hornillos of the French Way

Information about Hornillos del Camino

The Burgos town of Hornillos del Camino has a close link with the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, latent even in its own name. The very structure of the village makes it clear that the Camino is one of its main arteries and the one that gives life to the village. It is a clear example of a village-road, with a central street that crosses the entire urban nucleus and from which only a few small streets deviate.

History tells us that in this place During the IX century, there was a defensive line of fortress towers that protected the old Castile. Also, it is known that in its beginnings this town had an important number of furnaces to bake tiles and therefore it was known as “Forniellos”.

What to see and do in Hornillos del Camino

Holy Spirit Pilgrims Hospital

During medieval times, three hospitals were created here to treat pilgrims. Two of these places bore the name of San Lázaro, destined for lepers and pilgrims, and the Hospital de Peregrinos Santo Espíritu in Hornillos del Camino is the only one that has been maintained, created for pilgrims and pilgrims. Nowadays this enclosure has a separate area as a meeting place for the modern pilgrimage.

Parish Church of San Román

The church, dedicated to a saint whose devotion comes from the Camino, is currently very well restored and cared for, the result of the efforts of its neighbours and the small Christian community that lives there. Its construction corresponds to the first half of the 17th century. Inside you can see different altarpieces. The most beautiful and important is the main altarpiece, in classicist style, made between 1652-1657. Other altarpieces that house the devotions of the people are also preserved. Interesting is its baptismal font, in Romanesque style.

San Román Church Hornillos del Camino

Parish Church of Santa Maria

It began to be built during the 14th century and was planned under the architectural schemes of the old gothic style.

Patron saint festivities

One of the best dates to visit Hornillos del Camino is during the traditional Rooster Festivities which take place during the last weekend of July. These festivities commemorate the Spanish War of Independence.

Another special festivity in Hornillos del Camino is the one celebrated in honour of San Román, which is commemorated on November 18th. This day you must visit the famous and spectacular Church of San Roman, one of the most impressive attractions in the area.

Patron saint festivities Hornillos del Camino

Mapa de Hornillos del Camino