Today we begin the last stage of the North Way, since in the next stage the itinerary joins with the French Way. As we walk from Sobrado dos Monxes and go deeper and deeper into the province of A Coruña, we will experience a quite perceptible change of landscape, until we reach the town of Arzúa. Gone are the extensive meadows and rural environments, which are progressively replaced by asphalted areas and a much more dotted and continuous habitat.


We say goodbye to Sobrado dos Monxes, leaving the town from its monumental monastery, and follow the AC-934 road towards Arzúa. Afterwards, we will take a detour between wooded stretches and asphalted tracks, passing through the places of Vilarchao, O Castro, Madelos and As Corredoidas.

From As Corredoiras we must be extremely careful when crossing the road to Betanzos in the direction of Boimil. After Boimil, we will reconnect with the AC-934 and continue walking to A Gándara (Boimorto), where we will have the opportunity to see an ancient Roman milestone, used to mark the roads.

Once we have crossed A Gándara, we will continue towards Sendelle, where we can stop to visit its magnificent church of Santa María and make a stop on the way. Now we face the last part of the North road, culminating the stage in the town of Arzúa, famous for its cheeses.

To consider

Sobrado dos Monxes is the last start of the North Way stage, and from here, the route continues along the French Way itinerary, so when you get to Arzúa you will notice a greater influx of pilgrims.

Places of interest

  • Chapel and Convent of the Magdalena – Arzúa
  • A Fonte Santa – Arzúa
  • Chapel of A Mota – Arzúa

Typical dishes

  • Raxo
  • Zorza
  • Arzúa-Ulloa Cheese



Pilgrims' hostel in Arzúa

Address: C/ Cima de Lugar, 6 15810 Arzúa – La Coruña.

Phone: (+34) 660 396 824

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable

Sobrado dos Monxes Monastery Hostel

Address: Monasterio Cisterciense de Santa María de Sobrado 15813 Sobrado dos Monxes – La Coruña.

Phone: (+34) 628 838 965

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable


Sobrado dos Monxes

Town: Sobrado

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 1730


Town: Arzúa

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 6.053