This stage is an exciting route, in which the views of the coast of San Sebastian and the Cantabrian Sea will not leave us even at the end of the stage in Zarautz. Although there are some steep climbs, such as the one on Mount Igueldo, the effort will be rewarded with the breathtaking views of Zarautz and Getaria that we will have in the final stretch.


Today we leave San Sebastian heading west, along the beaches that lead us to Zarautz. We will leave the city along the Satrústegi promenade in the direction of Mount Igueldo. We will have to cross this mountain starting a steep, but not very long, zigzagging ascent.

Once we have passed Monte Igueldo, we continue in the direction of the old road to Orio. During this stretch, the route is dotted with wooded areas with meadow clearings, small hamlets and new houses. The views of the Cantabrian Sea will always be our companions.

Continuing down towards Orio, our next point of reference will be the small chapel of San Martín de Tours. Shortly after passing the hermitage we will arrive at the seaside town of Orio. From Orio, the road will offer us impressive views of Zarautz and Getaria and its “mouse”, until we reach the end of the stage in the centre of Zarautz.

To consider

In front of the hostel at the end of the stage, and at the foot of the beach is the luxury restaurant of the famous chef Karlos Arguiñano. It has normal prices and is highly recommended for the beautiful views of the beach and Getaria. That is why we recommend leaving San Sebastian early in order to arrive in time to get to this magnificent restaurant, an icon of the town of Zarautz.

Places of interest

  • Hermitage of San Martín de Tours – Orio
  • Church of San Nicolás de Bari – Orio
  • Interpretation Centre of the Way of St. James – Orio
  • Church of Santa María la Real – Zarautz
  • Narros Palace – Zarautz
  • Makatza House
  • Pagoeta Natural Park

Typical dishes

  • Zurrukutuna of codfish
  • Mamia
  • kokotxas of codfish
  • Hake stuffed with seafood
  • Porrusalda
  • Lamb and game meat