Fascinating stage in which we will enter fully into the heart of the Natural Park of the Santoña Marshes. In addition, in this stage we will sail between the Puntal de Laredo and Santoña, crossing the bay, so before heading inland towards Güemes, we will have the opportunity to visit huge sandy beaches.

During the winter there is an alternative route that passes through Colindres and avoids crossing the bay of Santoña.


From Laredo we will walk along the long Salvé beach, no more and no less than 4.1 kilometres of sandy beach, before walking inland to reach Güemes. At the end of the beach we will arrive at the Puntal de Laredo, from where we will have to take a boat to reach Santoña. The journey takes between 10 and 15 minutes approximately.

After crossing the centre of Santoña, we leave this town in the direction of El Dueso prison. After overcoming it, we will walk with Berria beach on our right. Between the beaches of Berria and Trengadín, we will have to overcome the hill El Brusco.

The next point of reference will be the Helgueras neighbourhood, after which we will have to cross the Victoria marsh to reach the town of Noja. On our departure from Noja we leave the surroundings of the Natural Park and head inland. The first town we will come across is Castillo, which we will reach after crossing beautiful paths and stretches of road.

Before arriving at Castillo we will pass by the hermitage of San Pantaleón.

From Castillo we will head towards San Miguel de Meruelo along paths that alternate roads with rural tracks dotted with small houses and green areas. Once we have passed San Miguel, we are not far from the end of the stage. We will have to cross the medieval bridge of Solorga to get to Bareyo. Before reaching Bareyo we will be presented with the option of continuing straight on towards the town or making a small detour to the north to visit the church of Santa María de Bareyo. After the main town of Bareyo we will finally reach the end of the stage in Güemes, which belongs to the municipality of Bareyo.

To consider

Tickets for the boat to Santoña are purchased on board. The price of the trip is 2 ¤ per person, plus 1,50 ¤ per bike (2020 prices); its frequency is 10-15 minutes, and the timetable is usually from 9:00 to 19:00 or 20:00, depending on the time and day of the week. In the winter months there is no service. Information: +34 942 60 59 03.

In this stage, after leaving the sands of the Puntal de Laredo, during the winter, when the boat does not work, we will have to go around the bay and the marshes of Santoña inland, passing through Colindres, Gama and Escalante to reach Güemes. The route is signposted and is 4.1 km longer, but lacks the attraction of walking along three beaches.

Places of interest

  • Berria and Trengandín Beaches
  • Church of San Pedro – Noja
  • Palace of the Marquises of Albaicín – Noja
  • Ris Beach – Noja
  • Hermitage of San Pedruco – Bareyo
  • Church of Santa María de Bareyo
  • La Venera Mill – Ajo

Typical dishes

  • Sorropotun
  • Mountain stew
  • Fish (sea bass, hake, sole, cod, squid…)
  • Borono
  • Ties from Unquera
  • Frisuelos