The city of Lugo is a real treat for lovers of history, archaeology and gastronomy. Its Roman Wall is the best witness of its evolution, remaining unbreakable throughout the centuries and becoming a symbol of this Galician capital.

If you decide to start the Primitive Way from Lugo, you can’t miss the chance to walk through its streets and discover all the wonders it hides. Bridges, thermal baths, archaeological museums and a beautiful Cathedral whose Virgin of Los Ojos Grandes will leave you impressed. In its old town you will find taverns and taverns that invite you to taste a good mencía wine accompanied by delicious pinchos and tapas. Lugo is the gastronomic capital par excellence of Galicia, which attracts thousands of visitors every year with its slogan “And to eat… Lugo”.

Once on the Camino, you will leave the walled city behind to enter an inc