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Guided Tours to Camino de Santiago

We are experts in “El Camino”. We can assist you to organize your trip providing all our services: accommodation, luggage transport, support vehicle, tour guides, transfers, credentials, etc. Enjoy an unforgettable experience.
Accommodation, support vehicle, tour guides, luggage transport, meals, travel insurance.

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Travel insurance


French Way in Group
French Way from Sarria
Portuguese Way From Tui
French Way with dog
The Finisterre Way
Leon to Santiago by Bike
French Way in Group
French Way from Sarria
Portuguese Way From Tui
French Way with dog
The Finisterre Way
Leon to Santiago by Bike




✽ OPTION A: Organized trips. (Check available dates)

For this option we will be accompanied by qualified monitors, who will be with us for whatever we may need. In this kind of travel, above all, the social experience prevails. You will have the change to live and share an unforgettable experience with a group or people during your way.


✽ OPTION B: Non-Group Travel

You can choose your preferred dates. You will have the chance to enjoy the way at your own pace. We help you organize it in such a way that you are the one who decides at any time what you want. You can take advantage of our services: luggage transport, 24-hour telephone assistance, booking in the best accommodations and all the necessary documentation for a journey to enjoy the Camino.


How long are the stages?

It depends on each stage and our physical conditions. It is advisable to leave after breakfast, normally we will reach our goal by lunchtime.


Am I physically ready to do the Camino?

You must be aware that we will walk for many kilometers during few days. Although most stages are not difficult, it is advisable to prepare a little earlier if the physical conditions are not the most appropriate.


What happens if I am injured during the way?

One of our services includes the compulsory travel assistance insurance. In case of injury the insurance will cover the medical costs. This insurance covers only accidents and illnesses (it does not cover transfer to the end of the stage due to fatigue)


What happens if I do not want to walk the whole stage?

In option A (Group travel) you will not have any problems, as we provide a support vehicle available at different points along the way. If you choose option B (non-group), one of the services included in this package is 24 hours phone assistance. We will send you a private car wherever you are, which will take you to the end of the stage (payment for this service is not included in the price).


What is the 24h telephone assistance?

In option B (non-group) we provide 24h telephone assistance. If there's a problem that you cannot solve on your own, or you need some kind of advice or help, just call us. We are at your disposal at any time to help, advise and solve any kind of incidence.


Is there any problem if I travel alone?

No, in fact, walking the Camino alone is a very enriching experience. You will meet other pilgrims and you will never be alone along the way. In that case we recommend choosing the group travel mode.


Is the route well marked?

The route is perfectly marked with yellow arrows. You just have to follow them, they will lead you to Santiago. However, if you have any questions, just contact us and tell us where you are, we can help you at any time.


When is the best time to do the Camino?

Any time is good to enjoy the experience. Obviously we must keep in mind that in winter the rains and the low temperatures can make this experience much more difficult. For this reason, most pilgrims choose dates from March to October.


What is the function of the tour guide?

It is the person who will be with us during the whole journey, from the first group meeting until our arrival in Santiago. Its function is to help us with everything we might need, to solve possible accidents and, above all, to create a good atmosphere in the group.


Do I have to follow the rhythm of the group?

Normally every person has his own walking rhythm. We advise to follow your own rhythm, the way is not a race but an experience. You will always find people to talk to and you will never feel lonely.


It is possible that the support vehicle pick me up at any point of the stage?

No, as explained in the program, we cannot access through forests and narrow paths, so you can use it only at the established points.


In what kind of accommodation will I sleep?

Whether you are staying in refuges, pensions and hostels, hotels or rural accommodation, you will always find quality accommodation. All accommodations are of the highest quality, carefully selected after years of experience and approved by our customers.


When will I know the exact places where I will sleep in?

About 20 days before the trip, you will receive all the information by e-mail. It is because the choice of your accommodation will depend, among other things, on the availability according to your chosen dates. But you don’t have to worry. All our accommodations are of the best quality.


What is “Backpack transfer service”?

Before starting the stage, you will leave your labeled luggage at the reception of your accommodation following the instructions that we will provide. We will transfer your baggage to the reception of your next accommodation, where it will be stored until your arrival.


Is there any kind of baggage limitation?

For the luggage transfer service it is possible to bring only a closed pack (which cannot carry bags or other material tied to the outside) that must not exceed 15 kg of weight.


Is it necessary to book the meals?

In our travels there is the possibility of paying a supplement for the meals (breakfast or half board), however, we do not recommend it. Without booking the meals you will be freer to enjoy the way without schedules and other restrictions. From our experience we believe that eating what you want, where and with whomever you want at any time is part of this wonderful experience.


Where do we eat?

One of the documents we will send you before your trip starts is a list of tips on where to eat in each of the stages. You will have many places to choose based on what you want. Same for breakfasts, next to your accommodation you will have several restaurants where you can have breakfast at the best price.


How much will I spend for meals?

The way is adapted to the pilgrims, which means that food is good and cheap. Pilgrim menu usually costs around 8€ or 9€. There are also supermarkets where you can buy food. The amount of money you spend depends on each one, but it is possible to enjoy the experience on a low budget.


What happens if I book the meals?

Most of the time, you will eat at the restaurant of the accommodation where you sleep. However, there are times that the lodges do not have a restaurant service, so we will send you to the closest restaurant.


Food allergy

If you have an allergy or food intolerance, you will not have problems. The restaurant also has alternatives for vegetarians. You should let us know in advance.


How do our buses work?

For some of the group travel dates, we offer the possibility to contract with us transport service by bus from different cities. It is necessary to cover a minimum number of seats for the departure of the bus. If the bus is not completed, you will be notified a month in advance so you can find another way to travel.


How do credentials and Compostela work?

Credentials are a small book/passport that every pilgrim must carry at all times. We must seal the credentials along the Way. There are many places where you can stamp your credential as churches, hermitages, accommodations... Upon arrival in Santiago, we will show or stamped credential at the pilgrim office, once checked, they will give us our well deserved Compostela, A beautiful way to remember our experience walking the Camino.For more information about Compostela click HERE.


Where do I get the credential?

The pilgrim's credential is included in all our packages. You will receive it at your address days before departure or the credential will be waiting you in an envelope at the reception of your first accommodation.


What if I have a group but the group dates does not match?

Contact with us. We will help you to prepare your trip with your friends (we will give you information about dates available, transport from your home city and any other services you wish to add).


What should I bring in my backpack?

This will depend on the date and the route. Do not worry, we'll send you a list of recommendations for those things you must bring with you.


How to make a reservation?

Once you have decided on the route and the date you wish to travel, you only need to make a reservation to secure your places. You can do it in two ways:

* Through our website.

* By telephone at (+34) 981966846 or e-mail [email protected] (You should mention the number of people, dates and the chosen route)


How and when do I pay for my reservation?

You can pay it in two ways:

Full payment: make the payment for the total amount.

Partial payment: make a payment of 120€ to book your place. When the travel date approaches (about 20/30 days in advance) the agency will contact you to complete the payment.


You can choose to pay by credit or debit card, bank transfer or paypal.
If you use Paypal as a form of payment, you will be charged a commission. This charge is made by Paypal and it is not related to our company.


How can I change or cancel my reservation?

Changes and cancellations may incur costs, which will depend on the type of reservation. These conditions are perfectly detailed in the purchase process. Costs depend on the anticipation with which changes are made.


We recommend that you contract our cancellation insurance in case your assistance is not secure. The validity of this insurance will be valid until the day before the trip starts. The insurance will be responsible for paying the costs paid for the trip.


When will I receive all the information about my trip?

When the travel date approaches (about 20/30 days in advance) you will receive an email with all the information related to our trip (roadmap, accommodation list, insurance policy, recommendations ...).

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