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Curiosities of the Camino De Santiago

22 10, 2020

Samain: our origin of Halloween

2021-05-27T09:20:29+02:0022 de October de 2020|Curiosities|0 Comments

Galician people are highly superstitious, very proud of what they have and quite distrustful. Like other peoples of the north, they preserve a cultural heritage made up of different traditions, legends [...]

13 06, 2020


2021-05-27T10:06:40+02:0013 de June de 2020|Curiosities|0 Comments

Why does someone decide to do the Way? This is a question with an infinite number of possible answers. Now, to immerse ourselves fully in all that "ultreia" means, let's stay [...]

2 01, 2019

Mystery of Obanos

2021-04-09T09:22:09+02:002 de January de 2019|Curiosities|0 Comments

On this occasion we will narrate the legend of the mystery of Obanos. The story takes place in the village of Óbanos, in Navarre. Today, the legend is recreated in the village [...]

2 01, 2019

The yellow arrow

2021-05-27T11:15:45+02:002 de January de 2019|Curiosities|0 Comments

The yellow arrow has become one of the official symbols of the Camino de Santiago, and therefore, one of the most representative. For years it has been consolidated as the great [...]