We can consider the climbs and descents of the previous two stages as training for today’s stage. The most characteristic of this stage are its three ascents: the first in Zarautz, the second in Zumaia and the third in Itziar, and from Itziar we start a beautiful descent to Deba, our stage finish. Thank goodness it’s a short stage!


There are two options for the first part of the route: the first is to abandon the Zarautz along the promenade heading to Deba, starting with a strategic stop in Deba. Getaria; the second one follows the official route through the interior that takes us through the mountains, and that offers us the possibility to visit Getaria as well, making a small detour. If we choose the first option, to continue along the official route once in Getaria, we must take the GI-3292 road until we reach the village of Askizu, which belongs to the municipality of Zumaia.

Once in Askizu, we will continue descending towards Zumaia. We will enter the city crossing the river Urola. From Zumaia, we will continue uphill along a local road. Our next point of reference will be the Santa Klara farmhouse on the top of the hill, which serves as accommodation for pilgrims.

The next point of reference before reaching Elorriaga, will be the recreational area of Galarreta.

From Elorriaga, we will alternate the N-634 road with dirt tracks and paths, some of them steep. The reference point of this section is the Venta de Santuaran. From there, continue along the national road, crossing a crossing over the A-8. Afterwards we start the last great ascent of the stage to Itziar.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the last stretch to the centre of Deba is made up of a steep downhill slope. You won’t have to work as hard to move forward, but you will have to be extremely careful to avoid your legs suffering when you are holding on to the descent.

rock stage zarautz deba northern route

To consider

On your journey today you will pass through towns with a great seafaring tradition, where the fish is of great quality and traditional recipes abound. We highlight the Zurrukutuna of cod from Zarautz and the local products menus of the Tripontziak of local products at kilometre 0 in Deba.

Places of interest

  • Church of San Salvador – Getaria
  • Getaria Town Council
  • Aldamar Palace – Getaria
  • Flysch of Zumaia
  • Hermitage of Arritokieta – Zumaia
  • Urtiaga Cave – Deba

Typical dishes

  • Pintxos
  • Txakoli
  • White tuna
  • Assorted fish
  • Beans and peppers
  • Anchovies



Pilgrims' hostel of Zarautz

Address: C/ Zumalakarregi, 16 20800 Zarauz – Guipúzcoa.

Phone: (+34) 943 005 100

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' hostel Geltoki

Address: Plaza de Arakistain, s/n (Estación de Ferrocarril) 20820 Deba – Guipúzcoa.

Phone: (+34) 943 192 452

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable



Town: Deba

Povince: Guipúzcoa

Population: 5445


Town: Zarautz

Povince: Guipúzcoa

Population: 23.360