In the previous stage, from Gijón to Avilés, we crossed the point of Cape Peñas, and we can say that during this stage we entered fully into western Asturias to reach Muros de Nalón. Today we will have before us a stage full of continuous “ups and downs”, so we will be grateful that it is a short stage.


Today we will have ahead of us a route full of towns, so there will be plenty of urban sections. We will leave Avilés, wandering through its streets in a north-westerly direction, until we take the Avenida de la Alemania, through which we will leave the city in direction to Muros de Nalón, to get to Salinas. In Salinas, we will briefly meet the sea, as we will then continue to advance through inland stretches.

From Salinas we continue in the direction of San Martín de Laspra, crossing first urban streets and then beautiful dirt roads. Once in San Martín de Laspra, we will continue our way with a favourable slope, passing very close to the village of Piedras Blancas. Once we have passed the surroundings of Piedras Blancas, we will now continue between asphalted and dirt tracks through very pleasant rural and wooded stretches, until we reach Santiago del Monte. We shall now continue straight on, taking the AS-318 road as a reference, in the direction of the villages of La Arena and Ranón.

Afterwards we will start a long forest track that will lead us to El Castillo, from where we will be able to contemplate the Nalón estuary.

After stopping to visit the Castle of San Martín, we will continue along an asphalted road to Soto del Barco. From Soto del Barco, we will cross the Nalón estuary over the bridge of the N-632, where we recommend extreme caution, as there is no “as such” crossing to cross the bridge comfortably on foot. Once we have crossed the bridge, we shall continue straight on, ignoring the road on the right that leads to San Esteban de Pravia, thus arriving at Muros de Nalón, the end of the stage.

To consider

Although it does not form part of the variations of the original route, in this stage we have the possibility of making a small detour from Avilés towards San Esteban de Pravia after crossing the estuary of Muros de Nalón, thus following the route of the viewpoints.

Places of interest

  • Church of Santa María – Muros de Nalón
  • Aguilar Beach – Muros de Nalón
  • Altamira House – Muros de Nalón
  • Square of the Marquis of Muros – Muros de Nalón

Typical dishes

  • Beans with baby squid
  • Grilled or steamed Pixin
  • Fish stew
  • Croquettes with cabrales cheese
  • Afuega’l pitu cheese
  • Cider
  • Desserts: almond pudding



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Camino de la Costa Hostel

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Town: Avilés

Povince: Asturias

Population: 77791

Muros de Nalón

Town: Muros de Nalón

Povince: Asturias

Population: 1887