Our stage today runs from Abadín through the evocative landscapes of the region of A Terra Chá, where we find Vilalba. This is a pleasant stage, with no gradients and very interesting scenery. We will cross areas of soft topography, dominated by green meadows and small forests of Atlantic vegetation.


We will leave Abadín and head towards Vilalba, on our way to As Paredes, which we will reach after crossing the river Anllo. Later, after crossing the river Arnela, we continue our way through charming landscapes through a corredoira and we arrive at the place of Martiñán. In Martiñán we will have to take extreme precautions to cross the national road and continue towards A Ponte Vella, a beautiful bridge dating from the 17th century, next to which there is a charming rest area where we can make a stop.

We continue our way towards the village of O Campo do Cristo, from where there are only 5 kilometres left to get to Vilalba. Our reference points before completing the stage will be the pilgrims’ hostel in Vilalba and the Camporredondo path.

To consider

During the 20 kilometres that separate Vilalba from Abadín we will find few services. So it is advisable to go out well stocked with water and drink.

Places of interest

  • Tower of the Andrade family – Vilalba
  • Church of Santa María – Vilalba
  • Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology – Vilalba

Typical dishes

  • Capon
  • San Simón da Costa Cheese
  • Roscón and roscas



Xabarín Hostel

Address: C/ Avenida de Galicia, 28 27730  Abadín – Lugo.

Phone: (+34) 982 508 025

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' hostel of Vilalba

Address: C/ Rúa do Castiñeiro, 16 27800 Vilalba – Lugo.

Phone: (+34) 649 900 391

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable



Town: Vilalba

Povince: Lugo

Population: 14079


Town: Abadín

Povince: Lugo

Population: 2322