North Road - Deba

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Deba in Basque, or Deva in Spanish, is a coastal town in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa which is located on the Camino del Norte. It is a small village located at the mouth of the river Deva. Its main attractions are the beach of Santiago de Deva and its promenade.

A little history

Important prehistoric remains are preserved, among them the cave of Ekain and its cave paintings belonging to the Magdalenian period. Not much data has been preserved from the Roman occupation, but it is known that the area suffered a great occupation by this civilization. In more modern times it has been a highlight in such important events in contemporary history as the Civil War.

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Tidal creek

This is a part of the Basque coast that includes the territory between the municipalities of Deba and Zumaia, and which stands out for its characteristic coastal modelling known as flysch.

Rasa Mareal - Deba

Town Hall

Baroque style building dating from the eighteenth century, which currently houses the functions of municipal headquarters of the city.

Town Hall - Deba

Covered promenade and market

These two constructions are part of a building built in the 20th century, which was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1995.

Ekain Cave

Among other Palaeolithic caves that bear witness to the activity of these populations in the Cantabrian area, we highlight the Ekain cave. This cave, located in the municipality, houses some very good examples of cave art from the Magdalenian period.

Ekain Cave - Deba

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