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Güemes is a town in the municipality of Bareyo, located on the Camino del Norte and in the context of a small valley of the same name, which is crossed by the streams Rumego, Cabra, las Calderas and Liermo. It is a village of legend, with great charm and scenic beauty.

A little history

Güemes drags from its origin a history related to tunnels that crossed the whole town in the middle of the war. It is said that it can have an incalculable value among weapons and all kinds of objects located inside them. At the moment the existence of these tunnels has been confirmed because the thermal radiations detect it, although it is not yet known what they contain inside.

what to see and do in güemes

Religious monuments

In this village you can visit religious heritage of interest. Among these buildings is the parish church of San Vicente, built and remodelled in the 16th-17th centuries. Also the hermitage of San Julián that belongs to the XVII century. It is very relevant, on the other hand, the presence of row houses that represent the types of popular architecture, are located in the neighborhoods of Gargollo, Villanueva and Cagigal.

Religious monuments - Guemes

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