In this stage we enter fully into the metropolitan area of Porto, which confirms that we have only a few kilometres left to reach the beautiful city of Porto. We will start in São João da Madeira, already within the area of the Portuguese city, and we will finish the stage in Grijó, belonging to Vila Nova de Gaia, only 15 km from Oporto.


We will leave São João da Madeira in the direction of Grijó, to meet the town of Arrifana, which we will cross through its historical centre. Our path continues through a succession of streets in an ascending direction, until we reach the church of the Infestas district, in the parish of Escapães.

From Escapães, we will continue along a stretch with a steep ascent to the N-1 road, which we will have to follow with extreme caution until we reach Malaposta. At the height of Malaposta you have to cross the road taking extreme precautions, as there is no pedestrian crossing. Immediately, we will reach a beautiful cobbled stretch, which corresponds to an ancient Roman road. We will continue towards Lourosa, passing through the district of Ferrada.

From Lourosa, we continue parallel to the national road along the Rua Romana to Mozelos. After passing this town, we head for the village of Nogueira da Regedoura. To leave the town we will have to pass under a viaduct of the A-41 motorway and we are only a few kilometres away from completing the stage in Grijó.

To consider

There are pilgrims who choose to complete the stage between São João da Madeira and Oporto (34 km), without stopping in Grijó. Our recommendation is to divide the stage in two, this way we will arrive much more rested to Oporto and we will be able to enjoy the city.

Places of interest

  • Cucujães Kindergarten
  • Monastery of São Salvador – Grijó
  • D’Amoreira Arch Aqueduct – Grijó

Typical dishes

  • Lamprey and Sardines
  • Bacalhau and Cabrito
  • Broa of Avintes
  • Velhotes da Braguesa
  • Sweet Bread and Dry Soup
  • Creamy milk