This is a short stage, perfect to admire all the nuances and landscapes it has to offer. The fluvial landscape and the riverside vegetation are the dominant tone of today’s day. The road leads us, from Tui, through thick, green and fresh paths next to the Louro river, along the Natural Space of As Gándaras which is part of the Natura 2000 Network and we finish the stage at O Porriño, a small town with a lot of atmosphere, belonging to the metropolitan area of Vigo.


Today we say goodbye to Tui leaving through the streets that make up the lower part of the old town, parallel to the river Miño. If we haven’t passed through here yet, this is the perfect opportunity to take a short detour through the Alameda Park, before heading towards O Porriño, and contemplate the beautiful view of the historic towns of Tui and Valença, linked by the international bridge.

We walk in a straight line until we find a detour on the right hand side that takes us to the parish church of San Bartolomé. Here, we can stop to contemplate its small Romanesque church, which has some of the most representative figurative capitals of the whole style in Galicia. From here, we continue along a small street to the right of the church, which leads us to a small washing place in a perfect state of preservation. At this point the path opens up to a beautiful natural landscape, dotted with small fields.
The most representative landmark of this first part is the old Roman bridge of Tui, which spans the river Louro. We continue along a path located next to the Roman bridge, going into the river Louro. Natural space of the Gándaras  and Louro river. After finishing the path, we come out again to an asphalted stretch, where we will have to cross the main road to continue through the parish of Rebordáns for a few kilometres on asphalt.

Although we cannot see it, we walk parallel to the river Louro, until we join it again in the parish of Ribadelouro.

At this point of the asphalted section, we will walk along a marked path to the right of the road. Afterwards, we will find a signpost on the right hand side that takes us back between dirt tracks and beautiful river paths. After crossing the ponte das Febres and walking a little further through this idyllic setting, we come out to the centre of Ribadelouro, Magdalena district, where we will find several service points.

After crossing the village, we go back into the thick riverside vegetation to follow the river Louro in its course. One of the most representative landmarks of this section of the stage is the Roman bridge of Orbenlle, located in the municipality of O Porriño. From here, you can decide whether to continue your way through the natural area of As Gándaras or through an asphalted industrial area. We think the choice is clear, don’t you? The section that runs through the natural space adds 500 metres more to the path and is perfectly signposted until its end in O Porriño.

O Porriño Portuguese Way

To consider

The stage from Tui to O Porriño is a short stretch, and is designed to make the way calmly stopping in the main towns that make up the route. However, if you prefer, it is possible to finish the stage in Redondela. The Tui – Redondela stage is a stretch widely done by pilgrims on the Portuguese route. It has a total length of 31.6 kilometers.

Places of interest

  • Alameda de Tui
  • Church of San Bartolomé
  • Virxe do Camiño Chapel
  • Febres Bridge
  • Gándaras de Budiño
  • Roman bridge of Orbenlle
  • Saint Benedict’s Chapel – O Porriño
  • Town hall square and building – O Porriño

Typical dishes

  • The bread of O Porriño
  • Empanada
  • Tripe in O Porriño
  • Honey
  • Lamprey



Pilgrims' hostel in Tui

Address: C. Párroco Rodríguez Vázquez, s/n 36700 Tui

Phone: (+34) 638 276 855 // (+34) 649 502 704

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' Hospice of O Porriño

Address: Av. de Buenos Aires, s/n 36410 O Porriño

Phone: +34 986 335 428

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable


O Porriño

Town: O Porriño

Povince: Pontevedra

Population: 20.100


Town: Tui

Povince: Pontevedra

Population: 17.323