e are in front of the first stage of the historic Portuguese Way. The route starts from the spectacular Sé-Cathedral of Lisbon and crosses several iconic places and neighborhoods of the Portuguese capital in a stage dominated by the urban environment in which we will cross the Tagus River upstream until we reach Alpriate.


The Portuguese Way starts from the very door of the Cathedral of Lisbon, from where we will walk through the urban fabric of Lisbon, to cross the famous Alfama district, which puts us in the direction of Alpriate. Despite the urban nature of the section, the path is perfectly intuitive and is very well signposted with yellow and blue arrows.

After crossing the Alfama district, the next point of reference on the route is the Parque das Nações, after which we continue towards the classic Passeio do Tejo. In this part of the stage we will enjoy clear views of the Vasco de Gama Bridge. Once we have passed the bridge, when we meet the Trancão River, we turn left towards Sacavém.

From Sacavém, the urban environment gives us a break, we will continue along the banks of the Trancão River to Alpriate, walking between trails and dirt tracks in the shade of olive and almond trees of the Lisbon region.

To consider

The appetizers served in restaurants before meals, which usually consist of a selection of olives, cheese and bread with butter or pâté, are not free. If you don’t want them and you don’t want to be charged for them, you should set them aside on the table.

Places of interest

  • Lisbon’s historic centre
  • Alfama District
  • Vasco de Gama Bridge
  • Parque das Nações
  • Yew Tree Passage

Typical dishes

  • Caldeirada de peixe
  • Bacalhau à bras or natas
  • Pork meat alentejana style
  • Feijoadas
  • Green broth
  • Seafood
  • Grilled sardines
  • Desserts: Pasteis de Belém



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Town: Vilafranca de Xira

Povince: Centro de Portugal

Population: 15.471


Town: Lisboa

Povince: Centro de Portugal

Population: 547.773