Today the road gives us a truce granting us a shorter and friendlier stage. Today’s stage runs from Ponte de Lima along the Labruja River in a succession of forests and beautiful landscapes very pleasant, and ends in Rubiães, historical point of overnight stay for the pilgrims of the Portuguese Way.


On this occasion, we leave Ponte de Lima and retrace our steps towards the medieval bridge, a traditional pilgrimage route on the Portuguese Way to Rubiães. From the bridge we take a detour to the right that takes us through landscapes full of vineyards. We must be extremely careful to cross the EN-306 in the direction of Quinta de Sabadão, following the course of the Labruja River. After passing the IP9 viaduct, we will arrive at Arcozelo, where the magnificent church of Santa Marinha de Arcozelo stands out.

We continue crossing the ponte do Arco da Geia over the river Labruja, to find the Parque de Pescas Riba Rio, a perfect place to stop and rest. After crossing the Labruja river again, we will arrive at the hermitage of Nossa Senhora das Neves, in Codeçal. Now comes the hard part of the stage, the ascent to the Alto da Portela Grande. The first milestone on the climb is the Cruz de los Franceses at 325 m of altitude.

Later our ascent culminates in the 400 m of the Alto da Portela.

After crowning, we find a dirt track that we must follow until we take a detour to the right to start the descent that will lead us to Aqualonga and its Church of São Paio. Afterwards we will meet the N-201, from where we will turn right into an old Roman road, until we reach the church of São Pedro de Rubiães. The first reference to this building dates back to the 13th century and one of its main characteristics is its capitals with figurative animals. It should be noted that this Romanesque work is part of the network of National Monuments of Portugal.

Rubiães is a small place that preserves a large number of heritage elements. This is perhaps the most hidden stage of the whole Portuguese Way. It is perfect to enjoy the calm and nature, relaxing and getting great moments of introspection.

To consider

This is a shorter stage than we are used to, so many pilgrims who leave from Ponte de Lima, take the opportunity to extend the stage to Valença do Minho, instead of finishing the stage at its traditional end in Rubiães.

Places of interest

  • Church of Santa Marinha – Arcozelo
  • Fountain of the Three Bicas – Viseu
  • Church of Misericórdia of Viseu
  • Church of São Pedro de Rubiães
  • Rubiães Bridge

Typical dishes

  • Enchidos de porco
  • Cabidela rice
  • Vinho Verde



Pilgrims' hostel in Ponte de Lima

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Pousada de Juventude in Ponte de Lima

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Rubiães Pilgrims' Hostel

Address: Ctra. N201, s/n 4940-132, Rubiães (Portugal)

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Town: Paredes de Coura

Povince: Norte de Portugal

Population: 512

Ponte de Lima

Town: Ponte de Lima

Povince: Norte de Portugal

Population: 44.343