Today the road gives us a break with a somewhat shorter stage, which our legs will be very grateful for. In this stage from Alvaiázere to the Portuguese town of Alvorge, we will find a stage of only 22 kilometers in which the landscape will be dominated by beautiful trails full of oaks and olive trees.


Today’s stage is shorter than the previous ones, something our legs will be grateful for. We say goodbye to Alvaiázere leaving from its church to go to Alvorge, and we cross the places of Laranjais, Vendas and Venda do Negro. In this section, the path offers us impressive landscapes and views, as we are immersed in the middle of the Ariques mountain range, a place representative of the natural heritage of this area, where there is an abundance of centenary tree species such as oaks. Continuing our idyllic tour today, we will pass through the places of Gramatinha, Casal Maduros, Casal do Soeiro and Ansião.

Ansião is a village in the district of Leiria that stands out for having the only Manueline style building in the whole region, the Solar dos Condes de Castelo Melhor, declared National Monument. Besides this, Ansião has many other heritage monuments that are worth visiting, so it is advisable to make a stop here to enjoy a bit of getting to know the town.

After resuming the march, we now continue towards Ponte da Cal. We will follow the signs to Netos, Freixo and Junqueira. From here, we will continue between tracks and ascending paths that will take us to the end of the stage: Alvorge.

To consider

Already from the beginning of this stage, leaving Alvaiázere, we see that we are once again accompanied by the blue arrows towards Fatima but now they point in the opposite direction to Alvorge. They will be of great help at many roundabouts and crossroads, where we will use them to confirm the route.

Places of interest

  • Ateanha Chapel – Ansião
  • Constantine Chapel – Ansião
  • Padrão Seiscentista – Ansião
  • Ponte da Cal – Ansião

Typical dishes

  • Sicó Kid
  • Sopa á lavrador or green beans soup
  • Sardinha Albardada
  • Migas com morcela assada
  • Rabaçal Cheese
  • Requeijão with twelve of abóbora



Pilgrims' hostel in Alvorge

Address: R. David Miguel Namora, s/n 3240-402 Alvorge (Portugal)

Phone: +351 913 132 477

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable



Town: Ansião

Povince: Centro de Portugal

Population: 1.050


Town: Alvaiázere

Povince: Centro de Portugal

Population: 8.438