We love this stage. Generally, one walks with immense joy at the imminent end in a few days and still does not feel sorry to finish. In addition, at the end of today’s stage through the green lands of Pontevedra, we have as a reward the healing power of the thermal waters of Caldas de Reis. Who fancies a bath?


Today’s stage is a gentle and not very long stage, which does not present any difficulty. We will leave Pontevedra behind, leaving the city through its iconic Plaza de la Peregrina and after leaving the zigzag of streets and squares in the centre of Pontevedra, we will head towards Caldas de Reis, heading towards the Puente do Burgo.

Once we cross the river Lérez, we leave the urban landscapes to enter fully into a beautiful rural environment. First, we will walk along a stretch next to the road until we reach the village of Alba, where we can visit the chapel of San Cayetano. From here the good part begins, the path takes us into the stretch of maximum natural splendour of the stage. We will walk in the shade of centenary oaks until we reach Pozo Negro, after passing the village of Cerponzóns.

Once we have passed this idyllic natural spot, we must take extreme precautions when crossing the railway line to enter the municipality of Barro, through the parish of San Amaro. Here there is a formidable rest area where we can stop for a while to rest our legs.

We continue between asphalted areas, roads and small rural villages until we arrive at Portas.

From here we recommend making the effort to take a detour to visit the waterfall of the Barosa River. We assure you that it is worth it. After a refreshing break in the waters of the Barosa, we will continue our way through the villages of Briallos, Arcos da Condesa (we can stop to visit the chapel of Santa Lucia) and Tivo.

From Tivo we are only 2 kilometres away from Caldas de Reis, our goal for today. Are you ready to discover the long thermal tradition hidden in the small town of Caldas de Reis?