This is an easy stage, which although it does not present significant natural attractions from Albergaria-a-Velha, it does take us through beautiful historic centres such as Bemposta until finishing in São João da Madeira, located in the metropolitan area of Oporto.


We leave Albergaria-a-Velha from the town hall square, taking the main street towards the Bõa Vista mansion, and once we have left the urban environment, the road to São João da Madeira takes us into a wooded area between tracks and dirt roads. Following wooded stretches, occasionally interrupted by a secondary road, we will reach Albergaria-a-Nova.

From Albergaria-a-Nova, we will walk along stretches of asphalt and sometimes along dirt tracks parallel to the road. Our next point of reference on the way is the train station of Pinheiro de Bemposta.

Once we have passed it, we advance towards the centre of Bemposta, from where we will walk to the village of Caniços and then to the village of Besteiros.

From Besteiros we will continue towards Oliveira de Azeméis (place where it is possible to finish the stage if we prefer to walk less kilometres). The path crosses the village of Oliveira de Azeméis, passing by the town hall and a Roman milestone. After walking through Oliveira, we will have to cross a level crossing over the train tracks, arriving at the medieval bridge of Salgueiro. From here, we continue along tarmac roads towards Vila de Cucujães.

We cross Vila de Cucujães, between a continuous up and down of streets. We leave this town through an industrial area, until we reach the 8th Avenue shopping centre, which announces our arrival in São João da Madeira.

To consider

As on the whole Camino, it is forbidden to light fires or throw cigarette butts on the ground. It is worth remembering this as most of the forests we pass through from Albergaria-a-Velha to São João da Madeira are very neglected and with an undergrowth full of undergrowth, which increases the risk of forest fires.

Places of interest

Typical dishes

  • UI Pão de UI
  • Potatoes from São Miguel
  • Zamacóis
  • Beijinhos de Azeméis
  • Ossos de Suã Rice