It’s wonderful to be able to have such a short stage during this day. This way, we have the opportunity to have much more time to visit Pontevedra. Today’s section provides us with a very pleasant walk from Arcade to Pontevedra, during which we will get to know relevant facts of history. Ready?


We leave Arcade by the famous bridge of Pontesampaio, a bridge in the province of Pontevedra that is witness to the epic battle against the French troops led by General Ney, during the War of Independence in June 1809. This battle meant the victory of the Galician and Spanish army over the French, with its consequent withdrawal from this territory.

After passing the bridge of Pontesampaio bridge, our path continues along the road until we come across the Pazo de Bellavista. After seeing a crossroads we turn left to Ponte Nova, where there was an old medieval bridge that collapsed during a flood in 2006. This caused the modification of the route of the road until the construction of a new bridge that would allow the passage. Once we have crossed the river, we continue along an evocative walk along the Roman road XIX, where the stone slabs of the road will be the protagonists. This ancient road linked the cities of Braga and Astorga in Roman times. Today we know it as Brea Vella da Canicouva.

The road leads us to Figueirido, where we can stop to refresh ourselves and quench our thirst in its natural spring.

Once we have rested, we resume our walk through beautiful wooded paths that will lead us to the chapel of Santa Marta. Once here, we will continue along the fluvial path of the river dos Gafos, which forms the current official route of the path, up to the surroundings of the centre of Pontevedra.

Pontevedra is for many people one of the most beautiful cities in Galicia, and no wonder. A stroll through its cobbled streets and squares will be enough to realize the special charm it hides. After Santiago de Compostela, Pontevedra is the place on this route with the largest number of heritage elements.

To consider

If you have never been to Pontevedra before, maybe this is a good time to get to know the city, so we recommend you to start walking early from Arcade. As we have suggested throughout the other stages, remember that you can always add extra days to your route to get to know the places that interest you the most.

Places of interest

  • Pilgrim’s Square – Pontevedra
  • Church of La Peregrina – Pontevedra
  • Church of San Francisco – Pontevedra
  • Chapel of the Nazarene – Pontevedra
  • Ruins of Santo Domingo at the Provincial Museum of Pontevedra
  • Royal Basilica of Santa María la Mayor – Pontevedra

Typical dishes

  • Oysters
  • Scallops
  • Mussels
  • Clams
  • Chocos
  • Fish
  • Albariño Wine
  • Typical puff pastry filled with Almonds



Virgen Peregrina Pilgrims' Hostel

Address: C. Ramon Otero Pedraio, s/n 36004 Pontevedra

Phone: +34 986 844 045

Email: [email protected]

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Town: Pontevedra

Povince: Pontevedra

Population: 83.260


Town: Soutomaior

Povince: Pontevedra

Population: 4.540