Miraz Church

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Miraz is a small village in Lugo through which both the Northern Way and the Coastal Way pass , so it has a great bond with the pilgrims. This town has different small jewels in the cultural and architectural heritage of Galicia, as well as emblematic places related to the Xacobean route.

It is a perfect place to rest, to contemplate the beauty of the surroundings and to visit buildings with many years of history. It is easy to get carried away by its charm and delight in its gastronomic offer.

what to see and do in miraz

The tower and the manor

In the surroundings of Miraz stands an imposing square crenellated tower, whose origin dates back to the 15th century. This is part of an old fortress of the Saavedra family, a construction that passed into the hands of Andrade in the 15th century. Adjacent to this tower is an 18th century manor house with a corridor supported by columns. It is also of great interest to visit another building close to this one, the fortification of San Paio de Narla, which houses the ethnography section of the Provincial Museum of Lugo. This is an area of historical interest that anyone with a certain curiosity for the past and the legacy of our ancestors will enjoy. An exceptional opportunity to soak up culture.

Pazo de Miraz

The church of Santiago

The church of Santiago is an emblem for pilgrims and for anyone who enjoys the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. It is built with granite ashlars and crowned by a belfry. The cemetery of this church is also of great beauty, topped with elaborate neo-Gothic pinnacles. In addition, the atrium conserves a cruceiro of the year 1962. It represents all the tradition of the roads and will become a very symbolic stop for everyone who lives the transit with enthusiasm.

Miraz Church

The Confraternity Hostel

In Miraz you can find a curious place to spend the night, this is also a perfect alternative to divide the long stretch of road that goes from Baamonde to Sobrado in two stages. The perfect excuse to visit Miraz with a little more time. The location is the hostel of the Confraternity, a place rehabilitated by the English society Confraternity of St. James and with capacity for just over a dozen people. It represents the evolution of the Way and how the Jacobean legacy passes from one generation to the next, from one society to another. This stop will be a great anecdote in the trip.


Miraz has a lot of natural landscape around it, as it is a small village whose charm lies in humility, in contact with forests and tradition. Taking a stroll at sunset and contemplating what the land itself has to offer can be the perfect plan for any traveller. It offers a relaxing environment, without overcrowded tourism and exempt from the urban commotion. There is no better way to make the most of your time in this place than to integrate with the environment.

Nature of Miraz

The hermitage of San Pedro

In Miraz there is a hermitage dedicated to San Pedro with a rustic carving of the Virgin of the Rosary. It belongs to the fifteenth century, so you will find a new flash of historical heritage and value in this point of the town. It is an ideal place to continue the route of discovery into the past of this charming village with a great religious and architectural trace.

Gastronomic culture

Both in Miraz and in the nearby villages you can taste the traditional gastronomy of the area. For those who wish to enjoy traditional Galician cuisine and artisan products, this is an excellent environment. In any remote bar you go to you will find the essence of homemade, family recipes and local products. These are areas where they often serve their own elaborations made with love, to sit and enjoy without counting the time that passes.


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