North Road - Markina

Information about Markina

Markina, whose official name is Markina-Xemein, is the birthplace of great Basque pelota players and is located on the Camino del Norte. The current municipality is the result of the merger of the population centres of Markina and the parish of Xemein. The rural and natural surroundings of Markina are of exceptional beauty and value.

A little history

This town was founded in the 14th century and a large part of its historic quarter still has its medieval layout. The old town is made up of numerous buildings and monuments of interest. Also, surrounding the main centre there are more elements that are worth a visit, such as the palace of Patrokua or the parish church of Santa María de la Asunción de Xemein, declared a National Monument of the Basque Country.

What to see and do in Markina

Patrokua Palace

It is the former residence of the Barroeta lineage. Its construction is divided into three phases from the 18th century to 1945. The space houses a beautiful baroque garden that contains a sculpture in honor of the writer and priest Juan Antonio Moguel. This garden is currently owned by the Lea Artibai school.

Patrokua Palace - Markina