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Cadavedo is a coastal village located between Cape Vidio and Cape Busto, an exceptional location to enjoy beautiful views and an environment full of nature. It is one of the oldest villages in Asturias where authenticity is assured. Here you can visit some places of historical tradition and lose yourself in long walks.

In 1954 this was declared the most beautiful village in Asturias, a great indication of the beauty that is evident in every corner. A visit to its Regalina field will confirm the idyllic location, as from this point you can see the whole coast in its splendour.

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A walk through its architecture

Cadavedo is nowadays a very appreciated village by Asturians to spend the summer and holidays, it is an excellent tourist destination for the residents of the surrounding area. On the other hand, at the end of the 19th century it was an important focus of emigration to South America. This historical moment gave rise to the construction of mansions in which the influence of Indian architecture can be appreciated. Today they are still perfectly preserved and are of great interest to any visitor who is lucky enough to pass through this village.

In Cadavedo you can also find architectural heritage typical of the area of Asturias. The village has about 95 traditional hórreos that are still preserved. These are ancient rural constructions typical of this part of the country whose mission was to preserve food away from humidity. They are now delicious relics of great cultural and heritage interest.

Horreo Cadavedo

The beach of Cadavedo

The beach of Cadavedo is an obligatory stop when it comes to discovering this charming coastal town. It is only 2 kilometres from the village itself and takes its name from it. The Frieira stream flows into this beach , one more contribution to the beauty of the landscape.

It has an extension of approximately 400 meters, which extend over an area of 53,000 square meters. The beach has a specific area for parking so you can access by car to the edge of this, without having to walk.

Cadavedo Beach

The Regalina Hermitage

The Regalina Chapel is one of the most interesting buildings in Cadavedo. It was built in 1931 at the request of Father Galo, whose intention was to turn this place into a pilgrimage destination to honour the Virgin of Riégala.

This hermitage is presented untouched on a field of grass, specifically in the field of the sentry box. It stands out enormously in the landscape thanks to its white and blue colours. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, cliffs and beaches such as Ribeirona.

Regalina Cadavedo Chapel

The feast of the Regalina

This open-air festival is held in the area around the beautiful Ermita de la Regalina and the tradition dates back to 1931, when it was built. The festivities start in the morning from the rapa neighbourhood with an endless number of floats decorated with flowers and other attributes.

When the floats arrive at the Regalina field, the traditional Asturian dances known as Danzas Primas begin and after a solemn mass a procession with the Virgin of Riélaga begins. The festival includes a lot of traditional gastronomy to enjoy, as well as folklore and a raffle of alfiladas. To finish, there is a fun evening party when the night comes.

The beach of Campiechos

This impressive beach of Cadavedo is located in what is known as the Protected Landscape of the Western Coast of Asturias, an area of great natural value included in the Environmental Network of Asturias. This beach has a length of about 450 meters full of beauty, surrounded by the rural environment.

It is easily reached on foot by walking about 500 metres and at the end of the path there is a bed of pebbles and sparse coarse, dark-grained sand. It is an ideal place to be contemplated and to be surprised by the environment, as it is not commonly used by bathers.

The cliffs of Cabo Busto

Very close to Cadavedo is another gift of the Asturian geography that is worth visiting. It is the cliffs of Cabo Busto, which is about 60 meters long.

In this area you can see estuaries, cliffs, dunes and beaches that make up an unforgettable landscape. Every nature lover will enjoy this variety of morphological events that make up one of the most spectacular corners of the area. Ideal to go on sunny days and without haste.

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