North Road - Abadín

Information about Abadín

Abadín is one of the villages through which the North Way passes, from the slopes of Monte Pena da Roca to Xesta. It is a traditional village, with great charm and various cultural events to enjoy, such as pilgrimages and fairs. It belongs to the region of Terra Cha, so it has the typical green and humid landscape of the area.

In a walk through its streets and paths you can find different architectural samples of its history. Abadín offers an interesting diversity of crosses and chapels that take any traveller or pilgrim back to the past. A place for enjoyment, meditation and contact with nature.

What to see and do in Abadín

The route of the Muiños

For those who want to enjoy a walk in the open air through the unparalleled nature of this beautiful place you will have at your disposal the route dos Muiños. It is the shortest trail route of Terra Chá with only 5.7 km to go and all the splendor of the area for the delight of the walker.

These paths run through the interior of a forge and connect five water mills built along the Fraga river. A different and easy route for tourists and pilgrims who want to clear their heads in the greenery. The complete route lasts about two hours.

Route dos muiños - Abadín