North Road - Abadín

Information about Abadín

Abadín is one of the villages through which the North Way passes, from the slopes of Monte Pena da Roca to Xesta. It is a traditional village, with great charm and various cultural events to enjoy, such as pilgrimages and fairs. It belongs to the region of Terra Cha, so it has the typical green and humid landscape of the area.

In a walk through its streets and paths you can find different architectural samples of its history. Abadín offers an interesting diversity of crosses and chapels that take any traveller or pilgrim back to the past. A place for enjoyment, meditation and contact with nature.

What to see and do in Abadín

The route of the Muiños

For those who want to enjoy a walk in the open air through the unparalleled nature of this beautiful place you will have at your disposal the route dos Muiños. It is the shortest trail route of Terra Chá with only 5.7 km to go and all the splendor of the area for the delight of the walker.

These paths run through the interior of a forge and connect five water mills built along the Fraga river. A different and easy route for tourists and pilgrims who want to clear their heads in the greenery. The complete route lasts about two hours.

Route dos muiños - Abadín

The pilgrimage

In the hermitage of San Cosme a multitudinous pilgrimage is celebrated every 27th of September. On the façade of this beautiful building you can see a shell that invites you to turn left to continue along the path, and this is the ideal place to stop and spend some leisure time.

Traditional pilgrimages are of great cultural interest and can offer a moment of fun and enjoyment for travellers. It is the opportunity to get into the popular culture, to mix with the people of Abadín.

The fairs of the region

You can also enjoy different fairs in the region at different times of the week. Gontán has two of them, on the first and third Saturday of each month, so it won’t be difficult to coincide with one of them.

On the other hand, there are fairs that are held annually in the place. One of them is Expogrelo and the other is the Feira dos Santos. Every traveller, with a bit of luck, will be able to attend one of these local cultural events.

The church of Santa Maria

The church of Santa Maria is a Romanesque style construction and can be visited by making a small detour on the way. It is one of the many examples of the popular architecture of the area that can be found in the charming corners of Abadín and its surroundings.

Church of Santa María - abadín


The gastronomy is one of the strong points in this village that also maintains the tradition when it comes to culinary services. In any restaurant you can enjoy the typical dishes of traditional Galician cuisine and the local produce of these lands.

It is ideal to taste meats, vegetables from the area and even fish prepared with Galician recipes. A place to taste the spoon dishes that comfort you after a long journey.

Gonzán’s hostel

Next to the hermitage of San Cosme da Montaña you can find Gonzán, in a natural continuation of the path. There is a hostel for pilgrims and several services such as bars, supermarket and a pharmacy.

It is an ideal place to make a short stop and refuel, also to spend the night if you decide to enjoy a little more of Abadín and extend your stay. This is the nerve centre for pilgrims and hikers.

A walk through the architecture of Abadín

In Abadín you can find different remains of historical architecture with a simple walk through the village, while enjoying a quiet day. The Roman presence can be easily perceived in the footprint left by the presence of the aquiferous scree resulting from their gold mining in the area.

Mapa de Abadín