The Camino de Santiago is an ancient route that every year is traveled by more and more pilgrims from all over the world. There are several options to do it either on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or even by car. Same path but different experiences. But you should know that the Camino de Santiago is not a single route, there is no single itinerary. In the peninsula alone there are currently more than 50 recognized trails. Along these routes we will come across villages with a lot of charm, so many that it is difficult to choose the most beautiful because each one keeps that special halo.

Design the Camino to suit you

Although there is a clear goal, to reach Santiago de Compostela, what is really important is not the goal but the road itself. During the journey the pilgrims will pass through magical places, villages that might not otherwise be visited because they are isolated from the most touristic points of the country. In the following article we wanted to compile information and expose the Top 10 of the most charming villages of the Camino de Santiago, based on both our own experience and the opinion of our customers. From the French Way passing through the Primitive Way or the Portuguese Way we will find villages that have earned a well-deserved place in this list, and if you decide to do the Camino de Santiago or simply visit them, you will discover why.

TOP 10

O Cebreiro (Lugo)

Located in the province of Lugo, it is undoubtedly one of the