If we are lovers and free defenders of animals we must take into account associations like APACA. There are thousands of associations and animal shelters in Spain, non-profit, with the sole purpose of helping those animals that are abandoned.

APACA, was created in 2015 and it is a Galician animal shelter with a single purpose, to help all those animals that have been abandoned by their owners. According to its motto, In APACA, we collect, care for and rehome them , or what is the same, in APACA, we collect, care for and find them a home.

This association was created due to the helpless situation of animals in Galicia, since the authorities did not and do not take care of their care, relocation or even enable shelters for them. Throughout this article we will delve more about this association and its projects, and if you want to get involved in the cause we will tell you how.

Apaca's Symbol

Main Activities of the Protectora

Among the many causes for which this shelter is dedicated, the main one is the salvation of animals that are abandoned. Since its creation, every year they receive more and more animals, sometimes too many, and it is difficult for them to take care of them all because there is no government agency to help them.

However, thanks to the work they do, they manage to get around 80% of them adopted and placed in a good home. They all have the right to a happy life. They are mainly in charge of:

Pick up and care for abandoned dogs on the Camino de Santiago. They are in charge of checking if their health is in danger, feeding them, washing them and giving them a roof over their heads so that they can stay warm and safe.

Look for people to adopt them, since not everyone is able or has a suitable place for the animal. Whether for adoption or foster care, the shelter tries to choose a good home, a better life.

Carry out awareness campaigns, both for animal ownership and explaining the situation in which they find themselves or why not abandon them. The protector denounces the inactivity of the public administration and takes the reins to raise awareness of the issue.

We talked about the main activities of the protector taking into account that it is not long since its creation and that its interest is to ensure the protection of animals without the help of the government. But their activity goes much further, and day by day they work on more and more projects, growing as an entity and above all as people.