Information about Ribadesella

Ribadesella is an Asturian town full of history and tradition. In it three great distinctive features of the area meet: the Cantabrian Sea, the Picos de Europa and the waters of the river Sella. Founded by Alfonso X the Wise, the town that was one of the most important ports of Asturias in the twentieth century, is today a remarkable tourist destination at national level, since in it we find attractions of all kinds that will make it a stop more than advisable to our passage through the North Road.

What to see and do in Ribadesella

Cave of Tito Bustillo

The cave was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008 and is today one of the most important sanctuaries of prehistoric art in the world.

Its succession of galleries, stalactites, rooms and geological formations, houses a fantastic deposit and Magdalenian paintings that give this place an international fame.

Nowadays and for conservation reasons it is only open to the public 6 months a year, and with a very small number of daily visits, so it is essential to make a reservation in advance.

The cave of Tito Bustillo

Historical route of the Port

An open-air history museum created by the fantastic cartoonist Mingote in collaboration with local writer Toni Silva. The script created by the latter represents through 6 murals designed by the illustrious artist different historical periods through the most relevant facts of local history. Pachu Muñiz was in charge of bringing the work to ceramics, and thanks to the genius created by these three masters we can get to know Ribadesella in depth while we enjoy a nice walk. In addition, it is an accessible route with information in Braille and auditions that narrate each of the passages.

The coast of Ribadeslla

Dinosaur Tracks

Approaching the cliffs of Tereñes through a small route, you can find a series of ichnites (dinosaur footprints) among which we can highlight two traces: one of biped and tridactyl dinosaurs and another very spectacular one of quadrupeds. In total there are about 400 meters along the base of the cliff where you can enjoy the main Jurassic ichnites and “desiccation cracks”.

The dinosaur coast

International Descent of the Sella

Closely linked to the most important festival in Asturias, the Festival of Les Piragües, and declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest, the festival is held on the first Saturday of each August or the second Saturday, if it falls on the 1st or 2nd.


Mapa de Ribadesella