Grapevines in Spain? Yes, even in Europe, where there is also the famous Black Forest in Germany. Normally we associate the term “jungle” to a mass of forest typical of tropical areas, but in this post we will understand why they are so called, and, in particular, we will know in depth our Iberian forest, the Irati ForestA natural space that receives many visitors every year. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this beautiful place, take note!

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The Irati Forest

The Irati Forest is mainly located in the north of north of the region of NavarreThe area of the river is very small, although a small part of it crosses the border with France. Its Spanish part is located in the valley of the river Iratiwith the mountains of Roncesvalles and Orzanzurieta to the west and Mount Orhi to the east. To the south we find the Sierra de Abodi, and to the north, the eastern Pyrenees of Navarre and the border with France. To get to it from the west we can do it through Orbaizeta through the closure of the Irabia reservoir (with three parking areas) and the valley of Aezkoa; on the other hand, from the east we access via Ochagavía and the valley of Salazar, where we will find the Ochagavía Nature Interpretation Centre, which we recommend visiting for more information.

Irati River