Caldas de Reis Portuguese Way

Information about Caldas de Reis

Caldas de Reis is a small corner of Galicia famous for its thermal baths. The water, famous for its healing properties, springs from the bowels of the earth offering relief for the body and spirit of all those who come to know them. These waters are Caldas de Reis’ most precious resource and the driving force behind its development. Do not miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience visiting and enjoying some of its famous spas.

The history of Caldas de Reis goes back several centuries, being numerous cultures that have inhabited this corner of Galicia. People like the Cilenos, the Galaicos or the Celts already inhabited these lands before the arrival of the Romans. From this period is the famous Tesouro de Caldas de Reis found in 1940 and that according to studies is preserved from the Bronze Age. But it was not until the arrival of the Romans that this town experienced its true commercial and cultural explosion. Today the main attractions of the city date from this period.

What to see and do in Caldas de Reis

Church of Santa Maria

It is a construction that was built after the the original was destroyed in the period of Almanzor, throughout its history this church has undergone several modifications, a beautiful cover of the twelfth century, and the chapels of San Diego and Del Carmen dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth century.