The Cares Route is one of the most beautiful and impressive that we can do in the Picos de Europa. Called the ‘Garganta Divina’ (Divine Throat), it covers 12 kilometres (24 round trip) between the Asturian town of Poncebos-Arenas de Cabrales and the Leonese town of Cain.

It is a relatively affordable route as long as we know the details of it, since, not in vain, the gorge created by the river Cares, which divides the central massif of the western part of Peaks of Europe is surrounded by mountains of more than 2,000 meters of altitude, so depending on the time of year, we will be more or less bearable.

How to get to Poncebos and Cain?

Route of the Cares Asturias
If we want to start the Cares Route from Cain arriving from Asturias, we will take the N-625 road in Cangas de Onis direction Riaño. There we will find a detour to Posada de Valdeón and from here to Caín. From León we will do the same, arriving to Riaño and following the previous indications.

If our intention is to start in Poncebos, our first stop will be Arenas de Cabrales, where we will arrive by the AS-114. In the village there is a descent where we take the road that takes us to Poncebos (it is almost five kilometres).

Which way do I start the Cares Route?

Signposting of the Cares route
The difficulty of the Cares Route is its length. The