French Way - Estella

Information about Estella

Estella is located halfway between Pamplona and Logroño, in a transition zone between the Mountains and the Ribera. This is a beautiful monumental city located on the French Way. In the 15th century this town was known as “Estella la bella” (Estella the beautiful) and today it still lives up to its affectionate nickname. In its streets you can find palaces, churches, stately homes, convents and beautiful buildings to contemplate during your stay. With an excellent heritage and all the services available for the comfort of the traveler.

What to see and do in Estella

The church of San Pedro de la Rúa

This is the oldest medieval parish church in Estella and to visit it you have to go up a long staircase and enter through an imposing door. Among the paired columns of the cloister is one of four twisted columns. A nice place to start to enjoy the historical heritage of the place.

Church of San Pedro de Rúa - Estella

The castles and walls

The town of Estella has a great historical trace to enjoy. In the Middle Ages, it was a very important part of the Kingdom of Navarre. It had castles, walls and fortified churches with a great wealth of heritage. Climbing up a steep hill in Estella you reach a cross that marks the position of the keep of the Castillo Mayor. Interesting view for tourists and visitors.

Castles - Estella

The Jail Bridge

This is another historical evidence of the village, the medieval bridge with a single arch and steep slopes was destroyed in 1873. This happened in the context of the Carlist Wars. It was rebuilt according to the original model and offers an incredible panoramic view of the river Ega as well as the crowded houses and the church of San Miguel.

La Cárcel Bridge - Estella

The church of San Miguel

The aforementioned Church of San Miguel was built at theend of the 12th century, when Estella began its expansion. Its north door is a masterpiece of the Romanesque style, its iconography is an authentic stone bible. An excellent sample to enjoy during your stay.

Church of San Miguel - Estella

The Palace of Kings

It is the only civil building in Romanesque style that is preserved not only in Estella, but also in the whole of Navarre. Such is its importance that it was declared a national monument in 1931. This is the case of a late 12th century building with a harmonious façade that opens onto the square with galleries and arched windows. The Gustavo de Maeztu Museum is currently housed inside.

Palace of the Kings - Estella

The Convent of Santo Domingo

This interesting convent was begun in 1290 under the reign of Theobald II. After many years of splendor came the abandonment of the work in 1839, with the disentailment of Mendizábal. At present, walls and buttresses are preserved, as well as a final reconstruction that made it possible for it to be visited nowadays for the enjoyment of travellers.

Convent of Santo Domingo - Estella

Estella and Urbasa Natural Park Routes

The Natural Park of Urbasa presents landscapes of great value, beautiful postcards in an incredible natural environment. This park is linked to Estella by two hiking trails that connect the two places, making it one of the best ways to get to know the historical heritage of one and the natural heritage of the other. The charm of this park is such that visits have had to be controlled, due to an excess of interest on the part of travellers. At present, an application must be submitted prior to transit.

Natural Park of Urbasa - Estella

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