Baiona Portuguese Way coast

Information about Baiona

Baiona is a charming town well known for being the first port in Europe to announce the Discovery of America. This event has marked the lifestyle of the town, its festivals and traditions. In addition to its historical heritage, this place offers a beautiful old town to walk through, full of fairytale streets. It also offers small beaches very enjoyable in the summer season and enviable views. It is a fishing village with a lot of essence, with an excellent gastronomic tradition and a starting point to visit other places of interest such as the Cíes Islands.

What to see and do in Baiona

The Fortress of Monterreal

The Castle of Monterreal is a walled enclosure from the 11th century whose fortress was built to protect the town from possible attacks from the sea. Nowadays its appearance is a little more modern, as it was rebuilt in the 17th century thanks to Diego Sarmiento de Acuña, the Count of Gondomar. The location gives visitors spectacular views as well as inevitably transport you to another time, you can see the history on one side and the sea with the Cies Islands in the background on the other. Inside is one of the most prestigious Paradors, the Parador de Turismo Conde de Gondomar.