Today’s stage takes us from the town of Granja de Moreruela to the Zamora town of Benavente, following the N-630 until we turn off along the river Esla. This stage is neither too long nor too difficult, but we can choose to spend the night in Barcial del Barco, to shorten it, or if it is too short, we can extend it to Villabrázaro, which adds up to 34 kilometres.


We leave the town of Granja de Moreruela by the metal cross towards Astorga, which will lead us to a dirt track on the way to the ZA-123 towards Benavente. We follow the road to reach a wooded road near the national road, where we see a service area where we can make a short stop. If we continue along this road we reach a track parallel to the national road that will take us to cross the motorway over a flyover and then we head towards the first town of the stage. Santovenia del Esla.

We leave the town of Zamora to go to the Prado del Valle stream , going up to the cemetery. From there we head towards the N-630, which, as we are used to, accompanies us until we reach a road that turns off to reach Villaveza del Agua.

At the exit, we take a path from which we see the church of Barcial del Barco, which we reach in a matter of two kilometres.

We move forward leaving behind Barcial del Barco to get to a via vere that takes us to the old line of the Via de la Plata railway, which we cross to reach the Iron Bridge, which governs the Esla, to continue between the poplars and the river to the village of Villanueva e Azoague. There is not much road left to Benavente, so we leave Villanueva de Azoague behind and head towards the end of the stage, crossing the Avenida Ferial, from where we head towards the old train station. We have arrived.

To consider

From this stage, we are getting closer and closer to the French Way, specifically to Astorga, so it will be easier and easier to find intermediate services between the beginning and the end of the stage. This will allow us to relax a little more, and not to plan so much the supply before leaving, and to be able to rest a little more in each stage.

Places of interest

  • Church of San Juan del Mercado – Benavente
  • Caracol Tower or Castle of La Mota – Benavente
  • Gardens of La Mota – Benavente
  • Church of Santa María de Azogue – Benavente
  • Pilgrims’ Hospital of La Piedad – Benavente

Typical dishes

  • Frog legs
  • Sausages
  • Trouts of the Tera
  • Cheeses
  • Coscarón Buns
  • Suckling lamb and Orejuelas
  • Trancalapuerta Doughnuts
  • Benavente Wine



Hostel of Granja de Moreruela

Address: 49740 Granja de Moreruela, Zamora

Phone: +34980587005

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' hostel in Benavente

Address: Ctra. de la Estación 49600 Benavente

Phone: +34 980 634 211

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable


Granja de Moreruela

Town: Granja de Moreruela

Povince: Zamora

Population: 271