Today we will face a short stage with a little more positive slope than the previous ones, since from the hostel of Embalse de Alcántara to the town of Grimaldo we will climb about four hundred meters of altitude in a progressive way. This stage will be a breath of fresh air between Mediterranean forests and a slightly more mountainous road than the previous stages. It should be noted that we will cross the works of the AVE once again but it will only be in the first part of the stage.


We leave the lodge of the Alcántara Reservoir by the national road after 600 metres, which leads us to a path to the south of Cerro Garrote, from where we can see some beautiful views of the reservoir, until we cross the platform of the AVE, a road that in the future will connect with Grimaldo. We continue accompanied by the high speed works to cross it again towards Cañaveral, on the slope of the Sierra del Arco. We arrive at the bridge of San Benito, originally from the 14th century, and we cross it to go 300 metres along the N-630 and arrive at Cañaveral.

We leave the village along Calle Real, but not before taking a break and stocking up on supplies, to head back to the national road, along which we will go to a road that coincides with the Camino Natural del Tajo, which saves us a kilometer of road, but also avoids us the hermitage of San Cristóbal and the Source of the Republic.

We continue until we see this fountain to continue the ascent to the Alto de los Castaños, from where we go downhill to the Puerto de los Castaños.

Once here we take the EX-371 road which leads us to a path between cork oaks, and we continue along this road until we reach a stream fording. From here we turn off to Grimaldo if we need to recharge our batteries, or if, like us, you want to finish the stage here.

To consider

This stage is a bit short so it can be a bit short, but it is also a stage with a lot of things to see. We will appreciate landscapes from the views of the Alcántara Reservoir up to the ascent to the Alto de los Castaños, which can be a bit tiring, so we do not recommend that you extend the stage beyond Grimaldo, as the next stop is on a detour more than 12 kilometres away.

Places of interest

Typical dishes

  • Files
  • Migas and Sausages
  • Garden salads
  • Iberian ham
  • Caldereta



Alcántara Reservoir Shelter

Address: Carretera N-630, Km 519,8 10940 Garrovillas de Alconétar (Cáceres).

Phone: (+34) 927 108 300

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Municipal hostel in Grimaldo

Address: C/ Carretera de Salamanca, 2 (N-630, Km. 502) 10829 Grimaldo (Cañaveral – Cáceres).

Phone: (+34) 650 848 181

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable