Today we will have a break from yesterday’s long stage, and we will have a stage with less difficult slopes and less mileage. We will descend from Monesterio to the stream of Bodión, point from which we will begin to flatten until the locality of Fuente de Cantos between cultivated fields typical of the Extremadura area.



We leave Monesterio along the Avenida de Extremadura, which takes us to a dirt track, from where we continue until we cross the Bodión Chico stream in the direction of Fuente de Cantos. We continue along this path to come out onto the road to Calera de León, from where, through pastures and crops, we will go down to the Bodión Chico stream, the lowest point of the stage. From here we cross the stream again to climb about a hundred metres until we can see Fuente de Cantos on the horizon. From here we will continue towards Fuente de Cantos in front of the road, to take us along Romanones street.

To consider

This stage is practically a break from the previous stage, with fewer slopes and less length, but that does not mean that we should not hydrate ourselves well and stock up on enough water for the road before we leave Monesterio, as the stage will run almost entirely along a stretch with no stops for refreshment or refreshment. to Fuente de Cantos. We remind you to be careful on the roads when driving near them, even if traffic is light.

Places of interest

Typical dishes

  • Gazpacho from Extremadura
  • Pork products
  • Iberian ham
  • Chanfaina
  • Crumbs



Monesterio Parish Hostel

Address: Avenida de Extremadura, 218 06260 Monesterio (Badajoz).

Phone: (+34) 924 516 097

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable



Town: Monesterio

Povince: Badajoz

Population: 4216

Fuente de Cantos

Town: Fuente de los Cantos

Povince: Badajoz

Population: 4687