In today’s stage we will do the more than thirty kilometers that go from Cubo de la Tierra del Vino to Zamora. It is presented as a stage with gentle slopes, with a strategic intermediate stop in Villanueva de Campeán, which is available if you need to shorten the stage, with all the necessary services.



We leave the town of Cubo de la Tierra del Vino leaving behind its church and its magnificent transept to continue through the lands of Zamora. We continue crossing the stream of San Cristóbal, which leaves us on a dirt track towards the abandoned tracks. We continue along the tracks until we turn off after five kilometres on the way to a hill from where we will descend to Villanueva de Campeán. We leave this village behind to return to another dirt track that takes us to San Marcial, a village that is not actually on the original route, but does not divert the path or lengthen it. We continue until we reach a grassy path that climbs up to the ZA-313 road, from where we can already see the city of Zamora.

We continue along a not very well marked track that leads us to cross the stream El Perdigón, and continue for three kilometres to the access to the industrial estate of Los Llanos, which leads us to the city of Zamora through a housing estate. We arrive at the Medieval Bridge where we cross the Duero River, and continue to the Plaza de Santa Maria, and later to the Plaza Mayor.

To consider

Zamora is a city with a lot to see, and its historic center is a delight with an exciting medieval mark, so if you want to make the most of the day in this Castilian city, we recommend that you go for a walk quite early if you leave from The Cube of the Land of Wine. Another option is to divide the stage in two, spending the night in Villanueva del Campeán.

Places of interest

  • Castle – Zamora
  • Plaza Mayor – Zamora
  • Palacio del Cordón – Zamora
  • The Cathedral – Zamora
  • Viriato Square – Zamora

Typical dishes

  • Fresno-Benavente Pepper
  • Cheeses from Zamora D.O.
  • Toro Wine
  • Sweetbread casserole
  • Chorizo sausage and rice Zamorano Style