Today we face a simple stage in terms of slopes and length, but somewhat complicated with respect to the lack of refreshment points along the way. The stage runs for 18 kilometres between Guillena and the town of Castiblanco de los Arroyos without any points in between. For this reason, we recommend that you bring enough water and walk very early in the morning to avoid the hot hours.


We start by leaving behind the Church of the Virgen de la Granada in the town of Guillena, from where we cross the river Rivera de Huelva, which takes us along a dirt track and an industrial estate where we head towards a dirt track that will lead us to a pasture on our way to Castiblanco de los Arroyos.

We arrive at the meadow of Cortijo del Chaparral, which will be our first contact with this characteristic type of forest that will accompany us all the way to Salamanca. We will find a drinking fountain, although it may not be operative or its water may be a bit cloudy, so we recommend you to bring water just in case. We reach the road that takes us to the La Colina housing estate, which we cross to reach Castiblanco de los Arroyos.

To consider

In this stage we will not find a single population centre from the time we leave the Guillena industrial estate until we reach the next village, so we strongly insist that you stock up on water for the whole route, as you will not find anywhere to refuel until you reach Castiblanco de los Arroyos. In addition, we insist that you travel early, as the sun and heat can play tricks on us, especially in the hot months.

Places of interest

  • Hermitage of San Benito Abad – Castilblanco de los Arroyos
  • Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Escardiel – Castilblanco de los Arroyos
  • Parish Chapel of the Divine Saviour -Castilblanco de los Arroyos

Typical dishes

  • Rabbit with salmorejo
  • Windows
  • Ayuyas
  • Soba cakes
  • Pestiños