After yesterday’s stage, today’s stage will seem like a break when it comes to measuring lengths, and we’ll be able to let ourselves go a little more. Today we will begin our stage in Extremadura, starting from Aldeanueva del Camino, and we will finish it entering the territories of Castilla y León, specifically in the town of Calzada de Béjar. Along the way we will enjoy some villages very marked by the identity of the ancient Roman Empire.


We leave the town of Aldeanueva by the N-630 national road, which takes us to cross the A-66, to continue along the shoulder of the national road to Camping Las Cañadas, where we can make the first stop on our way to Calzada de Béjar. We will continue along an intermittent road between asphalt and dirt track, bordering the Baños reservoir, to reach the municipality of Baños de Montemayor, where we will find the Roman baths to which it owes its name.

We leave Baños de Montemayor behind us through the upper part of the municipality to return to the national road from where we will pass a Roman paved road that will go up for a couple of kilometres in a steep climb to the Puerto de Béjar. We have entered the Community of Castilla y León, and as a welcome, a service station with a shop and a bar awaits us.

We leave the road to take a path that crosses under the A-66 to continue along a wooded path downhill between oaks and holm oaks until we reach the Puente Romano e la Malena, over the river Cuerpo de Hombre. We continue along this path, finding one of the best preserved milestones of the road to finally head along the stretch of paved road that will lead us to the town of La Calzada de Béjar.

To consider

Although the stage is short, it has some slopes like the ascent to the Alto de Béjar, which will make it a bit more complicated. Although we can manage the climb without any problems, we recommend that you take advantage of this stage to rest from the two previous ones, enjoying everything it has to offer.

Places of interest

  • Building of the Spa – Baños de Montemayor
  • Plasencia Cathedral – Baths of Montemayor
  • Church of Our Lady of the Assumption – Calzada de Béjar
  • Roman Fort – Calzada de Béjar

Typical dishes

  • Suckling lamb Béjar style
  • Scrambled potatoes
  • Codfish Bejarana style
  • Iberian sausages



La Casa de mi Abuela Hostel

Address: C/ Alcázar, 4 10740 Aldeanueva del Camino (Cáceres).

Phone: (+34) 630 410 740

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' Hospice of Puerto de Béjar

Address: C/ Colonia de la Estación, 1 37720 Puerto de Béjar (Salamanca).

Phone: (+34) 923 169 610

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Alba Soraya Hostel

Address: C/ Camino Real de la Plata, s/n. 37714 La Calzada de Béjar (Salamanca).

Phone: (+34) 923 416 505

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable


La Calzada de Béjar

Town: La Calzada de Béjar

Povince: Salamanca

Population: 91

Aldeanueva del Camino

Town: Aldeanueva del Camino

Povince: Cáceres

Population: 727