In today’s stage we will leave La Bañeza to cross the cereal fields of the Castilian steppe in the direction of the historic town of Asturica Augusta, or Astorga, as it is known today. This is a very important stage as we will join the pilgrims on the French Way, and from the city of Astorga we will head towards Santiago.


We leave the Plaza Mayor of La Bañeza and head towards the road to Villalis, where we head towards a dirt track that takes us to the old Iron Bridge of the railway that leads us to Astorga. We will cross the Duerna by the same bridge. Don’t worry, this road has been abandoned since 1985, so you can cross without worries. We will continue along the dirt road until we cross the A-6 by the Duerna viaduct.

If we continue along this road, we reach the town of Palacios del Valduerna, where we can take a rest to face the 12 kilometres that await us until the next town.

We continue along the road to reach the dirt track that leads us to a local road, which we will follow to the right until we reach a dirt track. We continue until we reach a local road, which we will follow until we get parallel to the A-6, and cross it through an underpass. We will get further to the Roman Bridge Valimbre We cross it to get to the other side of the river Turienzo, and thus approach Celada de la Vega, entering by the national road to enjoy the services of this town.

route stage la baneza astorga via de la plata

We leave Celada de la Vega behind us to head towards Astorga, crossing the AP-71, to arrive a little further on along a dirt track to the town of Astorga, entering the Plaza España.

To consider

With the Vía de la Plata completed, we can continue the route to Santiago de Compostela following the French Way.

Places of interest

  • Medieval Wall – Astorga
  • Episcopal Palace – Astorga
  • Roman Gate – Astorga
  • Cathedral of Santa María – Astorga
  • Church of San Francisco – Astorga

Typical dishes

  • Maragato stew
  • Mantecadas and Hojaldres
  • Trout
  • Bierzo and Mencí white wines
  • Marinated ribs
  • Potatoes with conger eel and clams
  • Conger eel with garlic
  • Botillo berciano and Sausages