Today’s stage will be short and without steep slopes through the Tierra del Pan, a region of Zamora characterized by cereal fields. On the route that separates Zamora from the town of Montamarta we will be completely immersed in the immense farmland of the Castilian plateau, being the landscape that we will see in most of the stages from here on.


We will leave the city of Zamora from the Plaza Mayor, and we will head towards the Puerta de Doña Urraca, where we will cross the Zamora Wall and go down the Cuesta de San Bartolomé towards the Cuesta Morana, and from there we will head towards La Hiniesta in the direction of Montamarta. We will continue along a path that leads us to a flyover over the A-11. We cross the dual carriageway and head towards the N-630, which takes us directly to Roales del Pan.

We cross the town of Zamora to head towards a road between cereal fields that leads us parallel to the N-630 until we reach the line of the AVE Madrid-Galicia, which we cross because it is inoperative (Note: If you see that it is operational, cross where it is signposted).

We will continue along a path that will take us to the road that leads us directly to the hostel of Montamarta.

To consider

This stage runs for quite a long time on the road that crosses the province of Zamora and the motorway crossings that separate us from Montamarta, not to mention the railway track. We recommend that you pay close attention whenever you cross asphalt, and that you take this stage as the break from the previous two that it is. Tomorrow we will arrive at Granja de Moreruela.

Places of interest

  • Hermitage of Santa María del Castillo – Montamarta
  • Church of San Miguel Arcángel – Montamarta
  • Reservoir of the river Esla -Montamarta

Typical dishes

  • Coscaron bun
  • Rebojos
  • Meat and pork sausages
  • Mantecados
  • Oiled