Today we are facing a long stage, although with a negative slope, which will make us go a little more relaxed. Although we can say that the main difficulty of this stage lies in its length, there are ways to overcome this difficulty, for example, by spending the night in Casar de Cáceres, instead of in the Alcántara Reservoir, thus cutting the stage in two and continuing from here the next day. One way or another, today we rested almost taking a bath in the reservoir. What a luxury!


We leave the city of Extremadura by the Avenida de las Delicias, leaving behind the bullring to reach the road to Casar, where we left Cáceres. We will continue along the national road N-521 on the hard shoulder until we reach a path that leads us to an open area, which we will continue until we cross the A-66 by an underpass. We then enter Casar de Cáceres, where, if you have left the capital late, you can spend the night without any worries.

Casar de Cáceres is also a good place to make a stop on the way, so now rested (a lot, or a little) we head from here towards the Alcántara Reservoir. We will leave the town leaving behind a beautiful chapel of Santiago to go along the path through cattle fields where the cattle graze. See those stone pillars? They are Roman milestones, and were used to mark the distances per Roman mile.

If we continue along this path we will come across several milestones.

We pass through several farms, among them the Berrueto Farm, to reach the works of the AVE (High Speed Train) that we must skirt along a road near the already known N-630. Now we will take a path with several downhill slopes parallel to this road, which leads us to cross the Almonte River, to go along the reservoir until we cross the Tagus River, where we will arrive at the hostel.

To consider

This stage is quite long and some people shorten and lengthen it at will. We recommend you not to spend the night in Casar de Cáceres and follow this itinerary because the end of the stage leaves us in a hostel from where you can see the whole of the Alcántara Reservoir, and it is a refreshing place after so much Extremadura plain.

Places of interest

  • Hermitage of Santiago – Casar de Cáceres
  • Church of Our Lady of the Assumption – Casar de Cáceres
  • Church of San Pedro – Alcántara Reservoir
  • Plaza de la Constitución – Alcántara Reservoir
  • Church of Santa María de la Consolación – Alcántara Reservoir

Typical dishes

  • Originate them
  • Fried frogs
  • Pickled fish
  • Morengas
  • Cagajones
  • Chanfaina
  • Honey