Today we face a simple and pleasant stage, although a little altered by the services that have been built in recent years, such as highways, railways and so on. Be that as it may, we leave the town of Montamarta to find the pass near the Ricobayo reservoir, a fairly pleasant walk, and a stage with practically no gradients that will take us straight to Granja de Moreruela .


We leave Montamarta to reach the beautiful hermitage of Santa María del Castillo, in the direction of Granja de Moreruela. We will leave the hermitage to go to a path near the national road, which will take us in a couple of kilometers to cross the tracks of the AVE Madrid – Galicia. If we continue straight on we reach the N-631, from where we go straight on until we reach a bridge over the A-66, and then cross a branch of the Ricobayo reservoir by a small bridge.

We continue and cross the national road and the motorway again over another bridge to go to Fontanillas de Castro. On the way we see a detour to the ruins of Castrotorafe, as well as one on the right to take the road to the Fontanillas bar. We will continue without turning off to reach Fontanillas de Castro a few kilometres further on. We leave the town behind to head towards Riego del Camino, along a dirt track that leads us to cross a stream by a concrete path that takes us to the entrance of the village.

We leave Riego del Camino to take a path parallel to the motorway that leads us to a crossroads, and then continue straight on to Granja de Moreruela.

To consider

This stage, although quiet, has very present the recent works of highways and roads. We therefore remind you to take extreme caution when crossing roads, as well as to be careful when walking parallel to the roads. This stage connects Montamarta with the Sanabrés Way we have the option of taking a detour once we reach Granja de la Moreruela.

Places of interest

  • Castle of Castrotorafe
  • Interpretation Centre of the Cistercian Monastery – Granja de la Moreruela
  • Ruins of the Monastery of Santa Maria – Granja de la Moreruela

Typical dishes

  • Sheep cheeses
  • Doughnut sticks
  • Stew and Lamb
  • Tremés wheat bread or wheat bread
  • Suckling lamb and Orejuelas