In today’s stage we have to get ready again and leave from Grimaldo quite early, as this stage will be long and with a steep descent through an area full of streams and possible detours until we reach Carcaboso. We will be able to approach to the walled locality of Galisteo, loaded with history that shows proudly in its tower of La Picota. We will continue to the end of today’s stage, founded in the 13th century: Galisteo.


We will leave Grimaldo from the road to Holguera, from where we will get to an underpass where we cross the A-66, the road we would take to get to Carcaboso if we do the following route this route by car. We continue along the path through pastures and cork oak forests to reach a detour at the height of two gates veres.

On one side the path takes us to Riolobos, and we will advance along a dirt road protected by a stone wall to reach a passage between farmland to reach a dirt track that takes us to the edge of the Jerte. We reach Riolobos, where we will find all the necessary services to refuel and rest. If we continue we will find another detour: the shortest one will take us to the right of the CC-293 to get back to the original road; the other option takes us along a road that leads us to cross the stream of El Boqueron del Rivero, to arrive a little later at the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Argamasa, which later leads us to a road that ends nine kilometres later in Galisteo.

By the Original Way, which takes us straight ahead to cross the same stream and rejoin the road to Riolobos. We cross the canal on the right bank of the Jerte and continue until we cross the Arroyo de las Monjas, which takes us directly to Galisteo.

We leave Galisteo from the Plaza de España and cross the wall to go out to the Roman Bridge that crosses the Jerte, which is actually a medieval bridge. We cross this tricky pass to reach the EX-A1, which takes us to Aldehuela del Jerte. From here we will join a road that goes straight to the end of the stage in Carcaboso, for approximately 5 kilometres.

To consider

This stage is quite long and consists of several deviations to modify it at will. From making it shorter, longer, interesting or boring, starting in Grimaldo, you can vary the stage to your liking instead of finishing in Carcaboso. From Viajes Camino de Santiago we recommend you to study the stage the day before, so you can develop it as you like. Also keep in mind that the next stage is 38 kilometers long, so we don’t recommend shortening this one too much.

Places of interest

  • Bridge of Manrique de Lara – Galisteo
  • Wall of Galisteo – Galisteo
  • Tower of the Picota – Galisteo
  • Church of the Assumption – Galisteo
  • Church of Santiago Apóstol – Carcaboso

Typical dishes

  • Morcillas and Tripe
  • Potato in vinegar
  • Potato salad
  • Crumbs and Frite galisteo
  • Landrillas and Chanfaina
  • Galisteña tongue
  • Huesillos and Coquillos



Majalavara Hostel

Address: C/ Albergue los Miliarios, 2 10670 Carcaboso (Cáceres).

Phone: (+34) 640 281 337

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Municipal hostel in Grimaldo

Address: C/ Carretera de Salamanca, 2 (N-630, Km. 502) 10829 Grimaldo (Cañaveral – Cáceres).

Phone: (+34) 650 848 181

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable



Town: Carcaboso

Povince: Cáceres

Population: 1085