If you want to know which are the best routes in Logroño, pay close attention to this guide. Here you will surely find the perfect itinerary for hiking or any other activity in the streets of the capital of the autonomous community of La Rioja, in the north of Spain.

But before making the decision and choosing Logroño as your next holiday destination, you should know that this indispensable city on the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago invites you to a significant stroll through its central area and nearby areas.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to learn about its main enclaves, appreciate the hospitality of its people, taste its delicious gastronomy, while discovering the taste of the best wine in the region. Impressed?

This guide explores Logroño from beginning to end using as a means the best routes through this municipality of just over 150,000 inhabitants, with a climate ranging from the hottest in summer to the coolest in winter, and with a commercial activity that is growing frankly.

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What are the best routes in Logroño?

Now that you have decided to venture into Logroño, you need to know which are the best routes through this city empowered by the river Ebro and designated in 2012 as Gastronomic City of Spain.

Route through the central helmet

It is one of the simplest, but one of the most significant as well. Here you will discover essential places, of those that cannot be absent in your list of places to know. A short walk through the streets of logro will allow you to know the Cathedral of Santa María de La Redonda, Paseo de El Espolón, church of Santiago El Real, Convent of La Merced (seat of Parliament) or Santa María de Palacio.

Route through Senda de Los Elefantes (Laurel Street)

Laurel Street is essential in Logroño. Yes, it is an area full of bars where tasting wine is a privilege. It is called Calle de Laurel, as prostitution once developed as a means of survival to the crisis. Those available women hung laurel leaves on their balconies. Now, if you ask the locals why the name Ruta de Los Elefantes will answer something very simple: whoever enters has a great chance of leaving with a horn and on 4 legs, just like these incredible animals.

Route  Logroño – Nájera

It is undoubtedly for some the best route, because it will test your skills. It is a linear route of low difficulty that you will complete on foot in 5 hours and 20 minutes maximum. During the 28.61 kilometres of the route you will be able to take some photos to post on nets and save for posterity. As a recommendation, include in your backpack only what is necessary to leave very early on this route, one of the most recognized on the Camino de Santiago.

Ruta Logroño – Torres del Río – La Población – Logroño by bike

If you are one of those who love the combination of tourism and sport, this bicycle route that starts in the capital of La Rioja is perfect for you. It is a medium-difficulty route, recommended for people in perfect physical condition. Take the opportunity to see the beautiful landscape in Sierra de Codés and La Población.

Where to eat in Logroño?

The time to eat has come. It is necessary to recharge batteries after doing the best routes of Logroño. Here is our selection of restaurants to enjoy the best tapas and pinchos in La Rioja.

Letras de Laurel

If you are looking for quality dishes in reasonable quantities then this is the perfect choice. It is one of the main recommendations of the locals, so it is worth a visit at lunchtime. It stands out for its attention and good service. And if after eating you have a little space left, spoil your palate with a delicious coffee flan. It is located in the popular Laurel Street.

Restaurant Juan Carlos Ferrando

There is no doubt that to enjoy the Juan Carlos Ferrando Restaurant you have to be very hungry. The rations are abundant and the food is exquisite. So much so that it deserves a 10 out of 10. It also stands out for its good attention and the cordial treatment of its managers. Find it in María Teresa Gil de Garate 7.

Pasión por ti

In Pasión por ti you will find the best pinchos in the city. In addition to its exquisite taste, its decoration attracts a lot of attention. So much so that you’ll want to set aside a stall in this fabulous place where good attention and cordial treatment also predominate. It is located in Calle Laurel.

Where to sleep in Logroño?

For your travel itinerary to be complete, you must include the best hotels to spend one or more perfect nights. And here’s our recommendation for today:

Gran Vía 61 Robinson

Located in the heart of the city of Logroño, this lodging place has an excellent location. But its services make it even better, so you can enjoy an apartment with comfortable rooms with free Internet access, living area, kitchen and dining room.

El Patio de San Nicolás

It is also one of the best options for guests. It is located in the centre of the city, very close to the Town Hall and the Cathedral of Santa María de La Redonda. Find comfortable rooms with air conditioning, flat screen TV with satellite channels and private parking that you can use for an extra charge.

Apartament Avenida de Portugal

At 1 kilometer from Laurel Street, this apartment is presented as an excellent alternative for accommodation. Its rooms are spacious and comfortable, it offers free wifi, patio and dining room. But one of its main characteristics is its views of the city.

How do I get there in Logroño?

To get to Logroño and enjoy the best routes in this city you will not need a map, as it is very easy the journey if you follow the directions in the middle of the road or those of your GPS if you go in your own car. This city is located 336 kilometres from Madrid and 478 from Barcelona.

From both cities you can also travel by bus, train or plane. The method will depend on your time and money availability. Be that as it may, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this important municipality of La Rioja.

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