Today we want to make a special wink to all our Andalusian pilgrims, especially to the “granaínos”. Granada has many beautiful and charming villages. However today we bring you one of the most beautiful that exist in the province: Montefrio. A historic place that was the last frontier of the ancient Kingdom of Granada.

Montefrio is one of the most spectacular balconies in Granada. We don’t say so, but National Geographic, which has recently distinguished Montefrío as one of the ten villages with the best views in the world. As if this were not enough, it is also considered one of the seven wonders of Granada. Now all the people of Montefrieños can be proud.

Montefrio: the last frontier of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada

Perhaps what is most striking about the village when you see its panoramic view is the relief on which it stands. That hillside crag topped by the castle. Actually, in the surroundings of Montefrío there are more crags like that, that is why it is easy to understand the reason of its ancient settlement. Montefrío is located in an area with a very strategic relief for defence.

The occupation of Montefrío is very old. The first archaeological remains that prove the occupation of these lands are located in the Peña de los Gitanos and date from 5300 B.C. Probably its foundation was Phoenician and then it has been inhabited by all the different cultures that have been passing through the Peninsula throughout history, such as the Romans or the Visigoths.

It is known that it was the last frontier of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada and that during this period it was an enclave of great value and prestige. The village fell into the hands of the Catholic Monarchs during the Reconquest in 1486. As in many other places conquered by Christianity, a church was built on top of the old mosque.