Today we want to give a special wink to all our Andalusian pilgrims, especially the “granaínos”. Granada has many beautiful and charming villages. However, today we bring you one of the most beautiful in the province: Montefrío. This historic place was the last frontier of the old Kingdom of Granada.

Montefrio is one of the most spectacular balconies in Granada, but we don’t say that, as National Geographic has recently distinguished Montefrio as one of the ten villages with the best views in the world. As if this were not enough, it is also considered one of the seven wonders of Granada. All Montefrio’s people can now be proud of it.

Montefrío: the last frontier of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada

Perhaps what most attracts the attention of the people when they see its panorama is the relief on which it stands. That rock in slope finished off by the castle. Actually, there are more rocks like that around Montefrío, so it is easy to understand the reason for its ancient settlement. Montefrío is located in an area with a very strategic relief for defence.

The occupation of Montefrío is very old. The first archaeological remains that prove the occupation of these lands are located in the Peña de los Gitanos and date back to 5300 BC. It was probably founded by the Phoenicians and then inhabited by all the different cultures that have passed through the Peninsula throughout history, such as the Romans or the Visigoths.

It is known that it was the last frontier of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada and that during this period it was an enclave of great value and prestige. The town fell to the Catholic Monarchs during the Reconquest in 1486. As in many other places conquered by Christianity, a church was built on top of the old mosque.

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What to see and do in Montefrio?

As National Geographic photographers have already realized, one of the most impressive things about Montefrio to see, worth the redundancy, are its views. In fact, there are different viewpoints in the surroundings. However, there wouldn’t be any incredible views if what there is to see wasn’t worth it.

Get lost in the streets

It is highly recommended to get lost in the streets and neighbourhoods of the village to enjoy the typical whitewashed architecture of Andalusia. In addition, you can see for yourself the sloping relief of the village.

Immerse yourself in the impressive views

There is nothing more thought-provoking than being absorbed in contemplating a landscape. It is like plunging into the immensity of what surrounds us. That is why you should not miss the following viewpoints:

Mirador de las Peñas

This is the classic viewpoint of the photos. The views are simply spectacular. Moreover, if you follow the path that leads to the viewpoint, you will enter by a path that ends in a fountain. A short walk to a hidden corner of Montefrío.


National Geographic Viewpoint

It is located on the Tocón road, on the outskirts of the village. But don’t worry, it only takes 15 minutes to walk from the centre.

Viewpoint of the Plaza del Convento de San Antonio

It offers views of the village church and the town.

Panoramic view from the bell tower of the village church

Located on the opposite side of the San Antonio convent. It is fantastic because you can climb the steps of the bell tower to enjoy the views of the village from above.

Visit the main monuments

The Castle

It was the very architect of the Alhambra in Granada who designed the castle of Montefrío. Located at the top of the village’s rock, this fortification served as a defence during the Nazarite Kingdom.

The village church

Built by Diego de Siloé on top of the old mosque in the 16th century, it is a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles. It is located next to the castle and inside is the Interpretation Centre of the Last Frontier of Al-Andalus “El Centinela”.

iglesia la Redonda

Church of the Incarnation

Better known as the Redonda church. Its construction is inspired by Agrippa’s Pantheon. It was already what we were missing! Do you realize how many monuments with historical reminiscences it presents? Impressive for such a small town. They call the church “the round one” because of the great dome that closes it. It was built by Lois de Monteagudo in the 18th century, in the neoclassical style.

Convent of San Antonio and church

Built in the 18th century by the Franciscan order. Probably the most beautiful thing that it preserves is its cloister, which gives us a beautiful picture of the bell tower.

Old Cemetery of Montefrío

Ancient niches excavated at the base of the Peña “alla maniera” of the ancient Egyptian hypogea. Today the tombs have been moved and only the excavated niches remain.

cementerio Viejo de Montefrío

More stuff

If you wish, there is the possibility of taking a tour on the local tourist train. You can consult the Tourist Office. On the other hand, if you still want more, you can visit the Oil Museum and the site of the Peña de los Gitanos. In addition, in the surroundings, you can take different routes such as the Path of the Arroyo de los Molinos.

As you will have seen throughout the article, Montefrío is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Where to sleep?

Most of the accommodations you will find in Montefrio and its surroundings are rural accommodations with a lot of charm. There are also holiday flats in the centre of the village. We think it is wonderful to be able to enjoy the peace and quiet that the accommodation in the village can offer. However, if you are looking for a slightly cheaper hostel or other type of tourist accommodation, think that you always have the option of staying in Granada city. If you don’t know it, this is the perfect occasion.

Where to eat?

La Fonda is, as they say, good, nice and cheap. It is perfect for a few canes accompanied by a good black pudding from Granada, some broken eggs, or house specialities such as oxtail croquettes. On the other hand, the El Pregonero restaurant has meat as its specialty, so you will find a wide variety of types and ways to prepare it (on weekends it is advisable to book). If you prefer, they also have a menu of the day.

How to get there?

Only 38 kilometres separate Montefrío from the capital of Granada. The way to reach Montefrio is by road. You can move quickly in a private vehicle or you can also use the bus. There is a bus stop in Montefrio connected to the main cities of Andalusia. The best connection is to Granada.

After reading our post, will you come with us to visit Montefrio?

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