In life there are different kinds of people. For example, there are people who love the cold, rain and bad weather, and others who prefer the sun and heat, as if they were lizards. It’s probably all a bit related to the place of origin and its climate, which makes everyone get used to what they live with for the longest time. That’s why today we bring you a series of beautiful places that look better in the rain.

People from the north like the cold and the rain. In fact, in summer, when it hasn’t rained for several weeks, there’s always someone who says: “Well, it’s a good thing it’s been raining for a while now”. Jokes aside, this is a post for those sun and warmth lovers who are a bit skeptical about making plans when it rains. We want to invite you to discover the magic and beauty of rainy scenarios, we assure you that you will end up liking them as much as we do.

What’s so special about the rain?

There are characteristic beautiful places that can only be found at this time of the year: between autumn and winter, when the rain is heavy. There are also landscapes, which have been generated thanks to the action of rain. With the arrival of October and November, Temperatures are starting to drop, but it’s not cold yet, it rains from time to time and the sky turns grey. In addition, the air smells different, with that characteristic smell of the first rains, falling leaves and damp earth. It is an idyllic and perfect time to put on a raincoat, put on your boots and go out to enjoy these wonderful sensations.

What places to visit when it rains?

We offer you a small list of places to visit when it rains. These destinations are perfect for a weekend getaway. Take note!


You’re probably thinking: “Grazalema, really? Yes friends, who would have thought that the rainiest spot in Spain would be in Andalusia? Grazalema is a white village located in the province of Cádiz. It is one of the most beautiful and special places, precisely because the rain is what gives it its impressive natural environment .

The Sierra de Grazalema has impressive karst landscapes: gorges, gorges, caves and sinkholes, generated by the action of water over the years. It is also home to a spectacular Spanish fir forest. Spanish firs are an ancient species of fir tree, which has been preserved in this area thanks to its environmental conditions. In the surroundings of the Sierra de Grazalema, you can also visit the villages of El Bosque, Benamahoma and Zahara de la Sierra. Of course, you will find an exquisite gastronomy with specialties in cheeses and game meat.


Irati Forest

This natural paradise is located in the north of the province of Navarre, very close to the start of the French Way in Roncesvalles. The Irati forest is the second largest and best preserved beech and fir forest in Europe. It is only surpassed in size by the Black Forest in Germany. Specifically, it is located in the eastern Pyrenees of Navarre, in the valleys of Aezkoa and Salazar.

It is a perfect place to visit at this time of the year, for the exuberance of the colors of its vegetation with r