Just like the last few months of our lives, this winter and snow season is going to be different from other years. Because of the health situation caused by the coronavirus, we must comply and respect the sanitary measures in order to prevent the spread of the virus. For these reasons, when we can leave the house, we must do so conscientiously and in compliance with the rules, even when we choose destinations in the snow.

The plans in nature are perfect, because they allow us to carry out activities without crossing paths with other people, limiting our relationship framework to our family nucleus. For lovers of snowy getaways, either for skiing, snowshoeing or trekking, we present a series of alternative snowy places to the star points of the snow season in our country.

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Snowy destinations with little overcrowding

Those of us who like plans and activities in the snow during the winter, we know that many times they are places where many people are concentrated. We are mainly talking about the big ski resorts in our country. Fortunately, however in Spain we have several destinations loaded with snow so that this winter you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying yourself. Check out the post and plan a getaway to the place you like the most:


Leitariegos is a ski resort located in the municipality of Villablino, on the border between the provinces of León and Asturias. Specifically, it is located in the relief unit of the Cantabrian Mountain Range, in the valley of Laciana, sheltered by the Cueto de Arbás peak. Its maximum altitude is 1800 meters. It is also an ideal resort for lovers of skiing and skiing. snowboardbecause despite being tiny, it has tracks of all colors (except black). A perfect option to practice these sports in an uncrowded environment.


The Astún ski resort in Huescais a perfect option if you want to visit the Aragonese Pyrenees and practice snow and mountain sports. Despite being an area that concentrates a large number of people dur