This year, due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, we have had to change many holiday plans. The fact of having to leave plans with friends in international destinations “parked”, has made us rediscover our closest environment. This rediscovery has made us realize that most of the time paradise is at home.

How we have longed to be reunited with our family, partner or friends during the long months of confinement. Today we have already been able to reconnect with our loved ones, but the way we relate to each other is still different, adapted to the “new normal”.

As the meetings of few people and in less crowded places still prevail, we want to present you a series of proposals about plans or weekend getaways with friends to get lost this autumn and winter. So now you know, grab your group of friends and propose a getaway full of adventures in nature. Come and get lost in the heart of our forests.

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Weekend plans with friends

As it is obvious, in winter we can’t do the same routes as in summer due to the weather. Sometimes, we discard routes because of their danger during bad weather and other times, because they are too long to be done with the hours of daylight we have in this season. But don’t worry, the reality is that in Galicia we have a lot of good and varied plans for weekend getaways in nature. Take note!

Ancares – Courel

Located in the heart of the mountains of Lugo, this natural paradise forms as a whole an Area of Special Protection of Natural Values. This magical place shelters in its limits the oldest and best preserved forests in Galicia. The symbiosis between agricultural use and natural conservation has given rise to beautiful landscapes in its valleys. In addition, we are sure you will love the typical architecture of its small villages. The perfect place to stay is the camping of O Courel, which has beautiful small rural bungalows.

This natural reserve, consists of infinity of routes to be able to make the weekend. One of the best short routes is Devesa da Rogueira (between 8 and 9 kilometres). This trail will allow you to discover the beauty of the Atlantic forests. Simply fascinating.

devesa da rogueira

Pena Trevinca

Pena Trevinca with its 2,127 meters is the roof of Galicia. Located in the mountains of Ourense, its surroundings have been declared a starlight destination. You can take as a reference the small village of A Veiga, where you will find different rural mountain lodgings run by people who know the area well. You can even take a mountaineering course with the Trisquel team! The ascent to the peak of Pena Trevinca or to the glacial lagoon of Ocelo, are some of its star routes. This destination is the perfect plan for the most adventurous groups of friends.

If you are fond of skiing you can spend a day of the weekend visiting the resort of Cabeza de Manzaneda, very close to Trevinca.

Pena Trevinca

The Camellia Route

Did you know that in Galicia there are almost 8000 different varieties of camellia? There are different routes to appreciate the varieties of this beautiful flower, located around the area of Santiago de Compostela, in particular of the Portuguese Way and its variants Padrón and Cambados, mainly. It is a perfect plan to take a weekend of disconnection, getting lost among endless gardens, and enjoying the tranquility and good food of this area of Galicia.

pink camellia

Fragas do Eume

The Natural Park of the Fragas do Eume is one of the best Atlantic riverside forests in Europe. It has 4 access points, being the most used the access from Pontedeume to the monastery of Caaveiro. After strolling through the idyllic forest of the fragas, you can spend the night in Pontedeume to enjoy the unbeatable gastronomy of the fishing villages.

fragas do Eume

Thermal baths of Ourense

What better plan for the cold than visiting the thermal baths of Ourense. It is one of the favorite winter getaways of the nearby population, especially the colder it gets. Undoubtedly the perfect plan to take a A weekend of disconnection with friends, beers and drinks sheltered from the cold and hot baths in the purest Roman style.

To give a touch of nature to this comfortable plan, you can get to know the Sil canyon, located between the municipalities of Nogueira de Ramuín, Pantón, Parada de Sil and Sober, very close to Ourense.

Thermal baths of Ourense

Enjoying good company

As you can see, there are plans and getaways for all tastes. And what better idea now that the cold weather is starting, than to choose a route through a natural environment to enjoy with friends. Besides, what about how good it feels to come into a warm rural accommodation, with its wood-burning stove, after spending a day walking in the mountains.? It seems that I can almost smell the characteristic smell of smoke from the chimneys of rural villages, can you?

Tell us what plan best suits your group of friends or who you would give a getaway like this as a gift. Enjoy good company, but always with sentidiño.

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