“Today is the day to choose the holidays at work, you finally have a clear date when you can make that long-awaited trip you’ve been wanting to do for so long. You start to prepare it with all the details and all the care in the world: routes, itineraries, accommodation, transport… You wait euphorically for the day to finally take your holidays and start your dream trip. The day is about to arrive and… temporary. It rains every day of your trip”.

The weather is capricious, isn’t it? What bad luck, all the previous weeks it has been sunny and just when you have your scheduled vacation, it rains. Surely you recognize this feeling, huh? It’s happened to all of us at some point in our lives and it’s so annoying! They say that we Galicians carry the bad weather with us… I’ve seen it rain in the Sahara, that’s all I can say.

But hey, who said I was afraid of the water? We say: in bad weather, good face. So, if you find yourself in this situation, don’t get down on yourself, you’ll see that in the end everything has its good things. In this post we tell you how is the Camino de Santiago through water, let’s start!

Pilgrims, raincoats and umbrellas

What a drag, even though it’s going to rain during your holidays, this year you’ve chosen the Camino de Santiago as your destination. This is usually the first thought of pilgrims when they discover that it is going to rain during the dates they had scheduled for their journey.

The reality is that many times, although the weather forecast is favourable, in the end it rains; and other times, the forecast is for a lot of rain and in the end it rains very little. So, the first tip is that you should always be prepared! And at least think, if you were already counting on rainy weather, better than if the forecast was good and it finally rains.

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