“Today is the day to choose your holiday at work, you finally have a clear date when you will be able to make that long awaited trip you have been wanting to make. You start to prepare it with all the details and all the care of the world: routes, itineraries, accommodation, transport… You wait euphorically for the day to finally take your holidays and start that dream trip. The day is about to arrive and… it rains. You will have bad weather every day of your trip”.

Time is capricious, isn’t it? What bad luck, all the previous weeks have been sunny and just when you have your holiday scheduled, it rains. Surely you recognize this feeling, eh? It’s happened to all of us at some time in our lives and it’s so annoying! They say that we Galicians have bad weather with us… I’ve seen it raining in the Sahara, that’s all I can say.

But then, who said anything about fear of water? We say: bad weather, good face. So, if you find yourself in this situation, don’t fall apart, you’ll see that in the end everything has its good points. In this post we tell you about the Camino de Santiago through water, we start!

Pilgrims, raincoats and umbrellas

What a drag, even though it’s going to rain during your holidays, this year you’ve chosen the Camino de Santiago as your destination. This is usually the first thought of the pilgrims when they discover that it will rain during the dates they had planned for their journey.

The reality is that many times, even if the weather forecast is favourable, it rains in the end; and other times, the forecast is for a lot of rain and finally it rains a little. So, the first advice is that you should always be prepared! And at least think, if you already had rainy weather, better than if the forecast was good and finally it rains.

All the routes of the Camino de Santiago

What do I take to the road if it rains?

The most important thing is not to get wet, so you’ll need to stock up on waterproof clothing. In this list you will find the most important ones:

-Footwear: waterproof trekking boot or shoe. It is very important that the footwear is really waterproof, since walking with wet feet is not cool.

-Clothing: there are waterproof trousers or covers to be placed over the trousers. The upper part of the clothing does not need to be waterproof, as you will be wearing a raincoat.

-Raincoat: it can be full or half body. You can also wear a waterproof trekking jacket.

-Waterproof cover for the rucksack: so you don’t get all wet at the end of the stage.

-Umbrella: it can be the perfect substitute for the trekking stick and cover you if it’s necessary.

It is important that you check the temperature that day and measure the clothes you wear. Bear in mind that you will be wearing waterproof clothing on the outside, which brings a lot of warmth. So if it’s not cold, don’t wrap up too much underneath, we don’t want you to come home roasted!

Take the raincoat

What if I haven’t been proactive and I get wet?

The main problem a pilgrim may encounter is getting his shoes wet. What if there are no radiators to dry them? It may be the case that you are in an accommodation that does not have any electrical appliances to dry your shoes. Don’t be in a hurry, to great distress, great remedies: you can wrap your shoes inside and out in newspaper during the night, as the paper will absorb the moisture.

What if the rain surprises you in the middle of the stage and you are not prepared?

This is the main reason why we strongly advise you to always be prepared. You may not be wearing waterproof clothing at the time, but if there were signs that it might rain and you have been prepared, you should carry a portable rain jacket and a backpack cover in your backpack, which occupies the same space as a small pack of handkerchiefs. If you don’t have anything with you, try to buy a raincoat in the nearest town.

The most important thing as we said before: the shoes. In order not to run the risk of getting your feet wet, it is advisable to wear trekking shoes for the road. Most of these shoes are waterproof, so you won’t end the stage with your feet soaking wet.

Colored umbrellas

What good is it to make the road when it rains?

And now you are probably wondering and what good is it then to make the journey when it rains? Well, what can I tell you, my dear friends? First of all, I’m sure it will be an experience that you will never forget and you will have plenty of stories to tell. Secondly, the reality is that: misfortunes bring people together. That’s right, we all know it very well. When you arrive at the lodging soaked in water looking for a place to dry your things, there will be other pilgrims in the same situation, singing socialization! Thirdly: there will be fewer people, so you will have less crowded services. Fourth and last: some say that Compostela is only beautiful when it rains, I have lived in Compostela for many years and I must admit that when the day is gloomy the city has a charm that I do not know how to explain… You will live an authentic Picheleiro day! (Picheleiro is a word, in the manner of a gentile, for the people of Santiago).

Galicia weather forecast HERE

Well, dear pilgrims, with this post we hope to have encouraged you to put a good face on the bad weather.

If you have had a watery journey, we encourage you to share your experience here with others. If you plan to make your trip raining with your pet, prepare everything you need.

Rain or not: ultreia et suseia always!

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